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If your child is often slumped in bed while studying or working on important projects in a noisy living room, they’re less likely to be focusing on the task at hand. That's why it's important to invest in a kids study table that allows your little one to be fully immersed in their academic endeavors.  And you can find the study table in a variety of materials, finishes and sizes too. The L-shaped kids study table design for example, is a space efficient design that is still large enough to accommodate  a number of items such as a desktop, laptop, textbooks and more. And if you’re looking for a sturdy table that can withstand rough use, a wooden study table for kids should be right up your alley. They’re durable and will last your children throughout their educational career. Similarly you can find sleek metal tables with drawers and other storage features as well as colorful acrylic tables that are bound to be attractive options for younger kids. And to truly explore all that the kids furniture has to offer, look through the vast catalog on Urban Ladder! We offer an affordable kids study table price as well. And another benefit of buying a kids study table online is that we deliver it right to your doorstep.

Key features Of A Kids Study Table

The standard kids study table consists of a spacious tabletop and is often fitted with storage spaces in the form of drawers, shelves, cubbies and more. These features allow your children to organize their textbooks, stationary and other study material efficiently and keep their study space clutter-free. You can find study tables with attached bookshelves as well, making for a versatile piece of furniture that can house your child growing treasure trove of novels and storybooks. Certain study tables are height-adjustable too, enabling children to stand and study when they need to stretch their muscles and get the blood flow going. The adjustable table-top allows children to change their posture and position as they please too. Some tabletops come with cable holes for a desktop setup as well. This keeps hazardous wires away from your children and prevents them from tangling together too.

Shop For A Kid’s Study Table From Urban Ladder Based On Material

To make your child’s study time fun, exciting and motivating, getting a well-designed study table is important. A creative study table for kids encourages healthy study habits in them. Material is one of the key factors to consider when you are looking to choose a study table.

  • Wooden Study Table For Kids

    Wood is a popular option for study tables as it is timeless, classic, sturdy and versatile. Get a wooden study table for kids either in solid wood or engineered wood that will last you several years. Solid wood is a sturdier option than engineered wood, though it is also costlier than the latter.
  • Metal Study Table For Kids

    A metal study table for kids is a smart choice as it is sturdy and requires very little maintenance. Metal is also waterproof, resistant to bugs or pests and can take the daily wear and tear well without any damages. For these reasons, it’s an ideal material for kids' tables.
  • Plastic Study Table For Kids

    Plastic is one of the most cost-effective options, especially if you aren’t looking for a permanent solution. A plastic study table for kids is lightweight, making it easy to move around and rearrange, even for kids. Plastic is also hard to break and is available in a variety of colors.

Kids Study Table With Storage Option

Getting a study table with storage for your kid is a wise option to save space and make their study time easier.

  • Table Top Storage Table For Kids

    Having accessible storage on top of your kid’s study table will prevent them from having to go to different corners of the room for their books or stationery while studying. Get a table top storage for kids that has built-in storage such as pen stands, cabinets or cupboards.
  • Drawer Storage Table For Kids

    Get a drawer storage table for kids to help them neatly organize their belongings such as books, pencils, timetables and bags within their table itself. Having multiple drawers helps them compartmentalize their essentials. It makes it easy for them to have all their study material within an arm’s reach.
  • Storage Table With Shelves For Kids

    Having shelves or cabinets on your kid’s table makes their study table a multi purpose storage unit. A storage table with shelves for kids will help them learn to keep and take care of their belongings with responsibility.

Advantages Of A Study Table For Kids

  • A kids study table creates a disturbance-free zone for children to do schoolwork, work on academic projects and fully focus on learning.
  • When children sit in front of a desk, they’re less likely to strain their necks or hunch over while studying. Therefore they’re always seated with good posture and are less likely to have back pain in the future.
  • The practice of sitting at a desk instills a level of discipline in children, when they can stay still and engage in productive activities for long periods of time.
  • A sturdy table top provides children with a stable surface for them to write their notes, as opposed to sitting on the sofa or on the bed. Therefore they’re penmanship is always stellar.
  • The study table provides a space for children to keep all of their study material organized and ready to find before a school day. And they’re less likely to misplace their belongings or clutter the room with them.

Things To Consider While Buying A Study Table For Kids Online

  • Make sure to measure the space that you intend on placing the study table in, to ensure that it fits just right. If you have a compact bedroom or study room, it's best to choose a corner table or an L-shaped table. They make use of the unused corners in the room efficiently and conserve floor space. 
  • Research the material of the study tables on offer. Engineered wood is the most cost-effective and they don’t warp in the face of moisture or changing weather patterns. However solid wood does last a lot longer and looks more refined than its faux counterpart. However, you could go with metal tables too. They’re more durable and light-weight, allowing you to rearrange and move the table as you please. And to prevent your children from injuring themselves on the sharp edges of the study table, choose a design that has rounded or soft edges.

    Why Urban Ladders Stands Out As Your Top Pick For Kids Study Table Purchases

    Urban Ladders understands the many struggles of a parent in creating a conducive learning environment for their child. Leave behind your worries as we offer the best kids’ study table on the market. Pick your favorite from a design range that appeals to all ages - whether quirky and colorful patterns for younger ones or sleek and contemporary frames for adolescents. You could choose the table in plastic, metal or wood. The best part? We have great options for every budget. Our quality assurance team ensures that the products are sturdy and meet safety standards. We value your trust and investment in Urban Ladder. Urban Ladder’s comprehensive warranty and hassle-free return policies reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction. Urban Ladder is your one-stop solution to shop for a range of kids-related products including wardrobes, bed frames, bookshelves, and more. Make your shopping experience seamless with the convenience that Urban Ladder offers.

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    Q. What Is The Price Of Study Table For Kids?

    Kids' study tables range from anywhere between 2500 to 25000, depending on the style and material they are made of. Plastic tables are the cheapest followed by engineered wood ones, metal and finally solid wood tables.

    Q. What Is The Standard Size Of Study Table For Kids?

    There is no standard size for a study table for kids because no kid is of the same size! Their study table should be of dimensions that suit your kid’s height and comfort. Moreover, the length and width of a kids' table also depend on the amount of space you have in your home for this furniture..

    Q. Which Material Is Best For Study Table?

    Wood is the best material for a study table. It is durable and a sturdy material that is resistant to wear and tear. Wood is also hypoallergenic so users will have no risk of allergies while working on a solid wood study table. Wood is stable and sturdy and is able to handle the weight of your study material, laptops and more.