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Shoe racks are perhaps one of the most functional pieces of furniture in a household. They hold all kinds of footwear in an orderly manner and you can declutter your home by purchasing a shoe rack online. As they are usually placed near the front door or right outside, they create an important first impression for anyone visiting your home. Shoe racks range from simple portable shoe stands to engraved wooden shoe rack. There are also large shoe cabins for homes with more residents. A shoe rack is often seen as a sign of order in the household, and when combined with entryway benches, the pair can emphatically add a new flavour to your home. With the sheer number of options available online, you might be puzzled as to which shoe rack is the right one for you. This comprehensive buying guide will cover all the important details.

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Making a good first impression on your guests is critical for any house-proud homeowner. Seeing a bunch of shoes and slippers sprawled outside your home is a dreadful sight, and a shoe rack solves that issue rather succinctly. Shoe rack design can range from sublime wood finishes to more modern alternatives. You can find a plethora of designs, from small shoe rack to corner storages. They serve more than just one purpose - you could also use the top to place decorative items, such as lamps and showpieces. Buying a shoe rack online is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to ensure that your footwear is in a safe space; away from all kinds of environmental harm. Be it dust, rain, or insects, your shoes can be kept within the confines of your home in a safe and orderly manner. While browsing through a vast array of shoe rack options and finally deciding to buy a shoe rack, the durability factor must be considered alongside aesthetic preferences. Searching for a Shoe rack online is an easy way to get the best options at a quick glance. You could even consider bundling your shoe rack purchase with coat racks to match the aesthetics of your shoe rack. This ensures that besides shoes, coats and umbrellas are also placed in apt locations. You can find top-notch shoe rack design at the best prices on Urban Ladder!

Choose the right shoe stand for your decor

Due to the wide range of available options, finding the ideal shoe stand for your requirements might be a particularly tiresome affair. You can narrow down your search by categorising what kind of side stands you want, such as a chappal stand or a slipper stand.

  • Best shoe stands online: You can decide upon the size of the shoe rack based on the number of family members. If you happen to have a rather large family and often expect guests or clients, you might prefer selecting a shoe stand online that can easily house an extensive number of shoes. The design language that allows such a shoe rack to seem inconspicuous while being able to hold a multitude of footwear is crucial.
  • Shoe stands with the best prices online: Urban Ladder is one of the best places for you to find a great shoe stand price while not compromising on quality. From a range of options, you can pick one that fits your budget and the aesthetics of your house. You will find some of the most intricate shoe stand design that will fit your budget on online furniture stores.
  • Shoe stands for home: When you are choosing a shoe stand for home, you need to keep the available area and the size of the stand in mind. Stores such as Urban Ladder hold extensive catalogues of shoe stand with price, enabling customers to thoroughly look through multiple domestic options based on their budgets. You could also consider combining a shoe stand with other pieces of furniture such as ottomans and stools that compliment it.

Different types of shoe racks available on Urban Ladder

Wondering which type of shoe rack is best suited for your home? If you’re glancing through various catalogues online and offline, then consider Urban Ladder’s collection of stunning shoe racks. Check out our vast list of shoe racks that are perfect for your gorgeous home:

  • Wooden shoe rack with doors

    Depending on the available space and number of family members in the home, choose a wooden shoe rack with doors. A shoe rack wooden with door design ensures there’s enough space available to organize your shoe collection in a neat and orderly fashion, while also providing ventilation for good air circulation. Just like storage units for crockery a good shoe rack unit is a worthwhile investment. A wooden shoe cabinet with doors is available in two different types:
    • 3 door shoe rack
      A solid wood shoe cabinet with doors, especially a 3-door shoe rack, is the right furniture if you have considerable storage space and a large enough shoe collection. You can now arrange your shoes in an orderly manner.
    • 2 door shoe rack
      If you want a wooden shoe cabinet with doors go for a 2-door shoe rack, especially if you limited space available and a considerably small shoe collection. Sufficient for a small family, a wooden 2 door shoe rack is an incredibly popular choice.
  • Wooden shoe rack with seat

    Do you notice your guests struggling to remove and put on their shoes? Then, a wooden shoe rack with seat is the best furniture option for your needs.
    • Wooden shoe rack with seating cushion
      A wooden shoe rack with seating cushion is a comfortable furniture style that will allow you to remove and put on your shoes without straining.
    • Solid wood shoe rack with seat
      A solid wood shoe rack with seat is exactly what you need if you want a solid bench attached right next to your shoe rack for your comfort and convenience.
  • Wooden shoe rack with lock

    If you’ve got kids around the house or if you prefer to leave your shoes outside the home, then a wooden shoe rack with lock would be an appropriate choice. You can also consider a wooden shoe rack with drawers or a wooden shoe cabinet, storage bench style to safely store your shoes.

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The first furniture piece you notice as soon you enter a home is the humble shoe rack in the foyer. Perched carefully near the entrance or exit doors, it is a furniture item that is very popular. Listed below are a few ideas with respect to the ideal wooden shoe rack that will enhance the beauty of your home:

  • Wooden shoe rack design

    Wooden shoe rack design such as a closed wooden shoe rack is an excellent choice for the needs of the home. It is durable, sturdy, easy to clean and maintain, as well as cost-effective, on a long-term basis. If you’re searching for ‘wooden shoe rack near me’, then look no further than the world of furniture at Urban Ladder. Consider purchasing a wooden shoe rack online and scroll through an endless array of choices in varied materials, designs and colours that beautifully match your décor theme.
    • Latest wooden shoe rack designs
      The latest wooden shoe rack designs incorporate innovative ideas and materials that blend in seamlessly with the latest décor themes. Got the latest designer sofa in your living room? Place an elegant and stylish closed wooden shoe rack near the entrance of your living room to complement your stunning sofa furniture. When you buy a wooden shoe rack online, glance through the varies styles and patterns and select one that will uplift the décor of the space.
    • Modern wooden shoe rack designs
      Minimalistic clean lines and simple smooth surfaces define the modern wooden shoe rack designs. A simple wooden shoe rack is the ideal furniture piece for a modern décor theme in the home. Place a couple of benches near the wooden shoe cabinet to make it more convenient for guests to remove their shoes with ease. Buy a wooden shoe rack, available in myriad colours and patterns, online at Urban Ladder and we’re certain you will love it.
  • Wooden shoe stand

    An open wooden shoe stand is the preferred wooden shoe rack design for the home. The airy and low maintenance structure makes it a go-to choice for those who prefer to keep their shoe stand right outside the door. Check out an array of wooden shoe rack with price at Urban Ladder’s online catalogue.
  • Wooden Shoe Cabinet

    Don’t we all love the quaint charm of a compact wooden shoe cabinet? A white wooden shoe rack complete with a rustic and distressed pattern will certainly stand out like a stunning piece of furniture art. Even a compact or small wooden shoe rack designed in an eclectic or contemporary style will make for a great addition to the living room space.
  • Solid wood shoe racks

    The one great feature of a solid wood shoe cabinet is its timeless and ageless quality. Solid wood shoe racks with its sturdy and durable characteristics is a sought-after furniture piece. Arrange your shoes systematically without worrying about misplaced or missing shoes in your home at an unbelievable shoe rack wooden prices, only at Urban Ladder.
    • Sheesham wood shoe rack
      The dense and durable Sheesham wood is often used as the base material for designing solid wood furniture. A well-designed and polished Sheesham wood shoe rack will add a layer of charm and sophistication to your home with its hues and shades.
  • Engineered wood shoe rack

    Made of relatively thin hardwood as compared to solid wood, an engineered wood shoe rack would be the perfect furniture piece if you prefer a light wooden material to store your shoes. Shop away on Urban Ladder for stunning and elegant designs!

Buy footwear stands online at Urban Ladder

Imagine a dozen pair of shoes lying around the house. Doesn’t make for a great sight now, does it? Especially if guests are about to visit, oh then it’s a nightmare! With a footwear stand from Urban Ladder, you can store all your footwear in a tidy and organized fashion. Check out our range of footwear stands online at Urban Ladder.

  • Footwear stand for home

    Aesthetics, size and sturdiness are some of the parameters that you need to consider when you choose a footwear stand for home. Before you buy footwear stand, you should measure the space available and, depending upon the storage space you need for your footwear, decide on the number of racks required. Next, you should choose a footwear stand design after browsing through the wide range of options on offer. A wooden footwear stand is one of the most durable and sturdiest stands, similar to robust metal footwear stands.
  • Footwear stand design

    Choose a footwear stand design that suits the decor of your home. A wooden footwear stand is one of the most-loved designs as it’s not only sturdy but also blends in with the decor of your home. For more info on footwear stand price, take a look at the Urban Ladder website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a wooden shoe rack cost?

    The cost is of a shoe rack is dependant on its storage capacity and material. Find exactly what you need at a price you are comfortable with, at Urban Ladder.
  • Where to buy a shoe rack online?

    Urban Ladder is one of the best places for you to find a great shoe stand price while not compromising on quality. Shop from the comfort of your own home using the Urban Ladder site or app.
  • What are the different shoe rack designs?

    Shoe rack with door design ensures utilization of space available whereas shoe rack with seating caters to your convenience.
  • What is cabinet shoe rack?

    The shoe rack that comes with door configuration is the shoe cabinet