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Bar Cabinets

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Buy Bar stools online at Urban Ladder

Bar stools have become one of the most sought after kitchen essentials today. Your kitchen counter no matter how elegant, certainly looks incomplete without bar chairs and adjustable bar stools. For moments when you want to indulge a little, you need a place where you can just sit back and relax with a drink or two or perhaps a nice meal. When you have the right piece of furniture, it automatically creates an atmosphere of positivity and happiness. Say cheers to good times with bar chairs and bar stool online.

  • Bar stool

    What’s the point of a bar stool that’s too short or too tall or one that has a seat that isn’t comfortable enough? With so many options of bar stools out there, we want you to pick the perfect style for your kitchen. The height of the stool, the width of the seat, backrest comfort and whether you need a stool with arms or a swivel bar stool, now these are some of the most important things that you need to take into consideration when choosing bar counter stools. These stools are available in a number of variants such as metal bar stools and wooden bar stools, wood being the most commonly used material.
    When you search online for ‘bar stools near me’, you will be able to browse our entire collection and buy bar stools after carefully examining the features and specifications.
  • Bar chairs

    In addition to bar stools, you can also find bar chairs online that come in a variety of sizes. High bar chairs are in vogue as they look splendid next to your bar counter. Carefully crafted out of the best quality solid wood, these bar chairs will be a welcome addition to your kitchen space.
  • Bar stool set

    Why just stop at one when you can get an entire bar stool set at Urban Ladder? Bar stools look best when you arrange them in pairs. You can now purchase bar stools in a set of 2 or 4 depending on your requirements.

You can always rely on Urban Ladder for all your furnishing needs as you can find all types of bar furniture here. In case, you do not have a bar cabinet or would like to revamp your bar, check out our collection of bar cabinets online.

Shop for wooden bar stools at Urban ladder online

If you’re someone who likes things the old fashioned way, you can choose wooden bar chair designs that give your bar a vintage look and feel. Crafted from premium and select wood, these wooden chairs and stools come in a variety of different colours and finishes. Also, you can also choose bar stool designs and bar chair designs with well-padded cushions, backrest and more.

  • Wooden bar stools online

    You can choose from the most popular or unconventional wooden bar stools based on your personality and the decor of your space. More than just a beautiful piece of furniture, these bar stools are also packed with function. If you want a bar stool with armrest, you can select one from our collection of wooden bar stools with arms. Whereas, if you wish to purchase a stool that will give you a wide viewing angle, you can take your pick from our range of wooden swivel bar stools. You can also pick wooden bar stools with backs for additional back support.
    • Solid wood bar stools
      Made from hardwood such as teak or Sheesham, our solid wood bar stools will surely last for a really long time. Going beyond bar stools, you can also choose from our collection of bar chairs wooden, benches, tea tables and more.

Choose the latest bar stool designs at Urban ladder

Explore the widest collection of the latest bar stool and bar chair designs exclusively at Urban Ladder!

  • Bar stool designs

    When it comes to choosing a bar stool design, in addition to the material of the stool, other elements such as dimensions—especially height and comfort—play a pivotal role. Also, depending on the functionality of the stool that you wish to have, you can choose from swivel stools and stools that allow for smooth adjustments of height, for maximum comfort. There are plenty of designer bar stools at Urban Ladder for you to choose from.
    • Modern bar stool designs
      Give your kitchen counter and your home a modern appearance with modern bar stools such as a designer bar stools with backs from Urban Ladder. A perfect blend of aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, our modern bar stools might be the thing that you’re looking for.
    • High bar stools
      Needless to say, high bar stools work great especially if you have a bar counter that’s placed a little high. Commonly found in pubs, a high bar stool and bar stool high chair are perfect if you want to catch a football or a cricket match as it makes for great viewing angles.
  • Bar chair designs

    You can also choose from a plethora of modern bar chairs and other exclusive wooden bar chair designs that we have on offer. With plush seats, comfortable backrest and a sleek design, these chairs are an absolute must-have.

That’s not all! You can also explore our lounge chair and executive chair collections now!

Shop Bar stools of your favourite color

When you pick the colour of your bar stools, you must consider the colour of the kitchen cabinets, appliances, and flooring in your kitchen. The key is to always go in contrast colours. Discover the most-loved bar stool colours that you can pick for your kitchen here:

  • White bar stools

    If you have a kitchen with predominantly dark tones or wood design, white bar stools will go really well. Plus, white bar stools would also stand out against a dark bar counter.
  • Black bar stools

    For a kitchen counter with light shades such as off-white, black bar stools might be an ideal choice.
  • Red bar stools

    A pop of colours will do wonders for your kitchen space. Red bar stools will go really well with neutral colours such as white walls.
  • Yellow bar stools

    Add a splash of bold and bright sunshine hues to your kitchen with yellow bar stools.
  • And many more colors to choose from

    In addition to the above colour options, you can also choose unusual colours, such as a grey bar stools set of 2, and many more. Also, do check out other furniture such as dining table and chairs or rolling chairs for your kitchen.
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