Furniture Store In Hadapsar, Pune

The Queen of the Deccan, Oxford of the East, the Marathi cultural capital and the historical ruling seat of the Peshwas - Pune has certainly amassed its wealth of titles, and the Puneri pride is reflected everywhere no matter how metropolitan the city continues to become! Hadapsar is one of the main examples of this melange. Furniture stores in Hadapsar don't falter in this area either, and Urban Ladder is the best amongst them in terms of mixing industrial mod-chic elements with the cultural ethos in the city. The fast-paced yet luxurious lifestyles of its citizens is what Urban Ladder Hadapsar strives to deliver with its delectable wares.

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Furniture Store In Hadapsar, Pune

1A & 1C, Ground Floor, Kumar Primus, Opp to Maruti Suzuki Service Centre
National Highway 9, Hadapsar Opp to Maruti Suzuki Service Centre
Pune, Maharashtra, IN - 411013
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The Best Furniture Stores In HSR With The Best Shopping Experience And A Variety Of Collections

Urban Ladder's furniture stores in HSR reflect the traditions of Kannadiga handicraft, and the contemporary aesthetics that city culture, especially in such a central layout like HSR, has adopted over the decades. The citizens of Bangalore residing in such an influential area have cultivated a charmingly hodge-podge aesthetic, attributed to the frenzied lives led in India's IT capital - and they for sure know where the best furniture shop in HSR is located! Our walk-in Urban Ladder shop doesn't even require you to fume through the notorious city traffic, since we are conveniently situated in the accessible 4th Sector of the layout.

Shop The Exclusive Collection Of Furniture For Different Rooms

Our Urban Ladder furniture store in HSR presents before you a dazzling one-stop shop of wonders of all your furnishing and decor needs. We are even arranged by room and function, even complete sets like an office set up, to facilitate a pleasant and organized time for your browsing.

  • Living Room Furniture

    Urban Ladder's gallery of living room furniture in HSR will add that bold and beautiful statement Bangaloreans love to embody in their thresholds and parlors. Entertain your guests to the fullest!
  • Bedroom Furniture

    Bedroom furniture in HSR gives you the comfort and rest and freedom to express all the little eccentricities you need within your own sanctuary. It invokes an environment of things you'd want to wrap up warm in.
  • Dining Room Furniture

    Urban Ladder's collection of dining room furniture in HSR is designed to not only display your meals appetizingly, but to inculcate a vibe of joy and full-bellied heartiness that comes from both the food and company.
  • Outdoor Furniture

    Bangalorean weather is famous for being pleasant but also unpredictable - chaotic in the breeziest way, even in the most high-rise laden parts of the city. HSR though, is quite verdant - and Urban Ladder's bevy of outdoor furniture in HSR provides you a peaceful enjoyment of the climes!  
  • Office Furniture

    When you say Hosur-Sarjapur Road Layout, some of the biggest startups come to mind which birthed in that area - and following that culture, ergonomically sound office furniture in HSR is a must! Urban Ladder provides that perfect workspace for you.
  • Kids Furniture

    Urban Ladder's amazingly wondrous display of kids furniture in HSR is designed to embolden childrens’ growth both physically and mentally - and be the space they can flourish in! 

    Our furniture stores in HSR will leave you, our clientele, starry-eyed with the array of options we present, and our beautifully immersive installations that you can experience for yourselves! With the fast-paced nature of life in Bangalore, our furnishings are a sustainable, durable constant in every home.

Different Products Available In Our HSR Store

Urban Ladder’s furniture stores in HSR put on display a truly exhaustive yet enticing range of decor that could leave one swooning - thankfully, there are plenty of couches to fall upon in that case! The beautiful, peaceful of co-existence of vintage elements with abstract modernities is what we serve you:

  • Chair

    Chairs in HSR are quintessential in their place in any home, especially as an ergonomic utility. Urban Ladder literally has your back in this area, because crunch time shouldn't mean crunching one's spine! 
  • Table

    Urban Ladder's offerings of a table in HSR gives you multifunctionality in most of them, from storage to organized display design to even modularity in some. Their material and finish is luxuriously high quality.
  • Sofa Set

    A sofa set in HSR is the first place in any residence there, upon which we faceplant after a long day of wrangling traffic - and Urban Ladder ensures you a couchery that will truly feel like that warm hug and relief! 
  • TV Unit

    Urban Ladder's collection of TV units in HSR offers you a plethora of options that can elevate your entertainment space on both acoustic and visual counts, almost harkening to a movie theater experience.
  • Beds

    Urban Ladder's display of beds in HSR beckons you towards the land of restorative slumber! With the adage of posture support and a marvelous design befitting the centerpiece of your bedroom.
  • Storage

    Urban Ladder guarantees you a set of storage in HSR that will protect your groceries and souvenirs and heirloom clothing with consideration to material and sturdiness, and organized design.

A benefit of our Urban Ladder HSR store aside from its accessibility and trendy locale, is that your browsing experience will be elevated forever with us. Not only do we have a cornucopia available in our online catalog, but the tactility you will get from our walk-in exhibits, feeling the material and exquisite fabric work by yourself is unmatched!

Benefits Of Shopping From Urban Ladder’s HSR Store

Walk into any Urban Ladder furniture store, and the constant commonality present is our earnest, holistic approach to customer service. Whether that be through our helpful staff or our team of interior design consultants, we'll help guide you in realizing your dreams! The varied exhibits will already have done half the work of whetting your creative appetites - we just indulge it.

Urban Ladder HSR is also prompt in taking accountability, since we are after all still human and therefore not infallible - on those rare events of not meeting your standards, we guarantee you a speedy, hassle-free repair or replacement, as well as a full refund policy if applicable. Interaction of any kind from our patrons is valuable to us to ameliorate our services for you.