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Wall Mounted TV units

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Only when a sleek TV is coupled with a modish TV wall unit, does it become an essential decor element that your house cannot do without. That’s why picking the right wall mount TV stand is a task of vital importance. A well-chosen wall mounted TV unit lets your sleek machine showcase rare paintings or photographs when sitting idle and enriches your entertainment experience the rest of the time. Furthermore, this TV wall cabinet also hides the unsightly cable clutter that a simple mounting can never manage to do. So select the right furniture, get it installed, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Buy TV Wall Units at Urban Ladder online

Remember the time when TVs were large and bulky? And TV units had to be designed around the big screens that were as well? Then we said hello to the flat-screen. Slim, modern and easily mountable, it gave TV owners everywhere a new chance to celebrate home decor. Now, living rooms could just be fitted with a TV wall unit and life became as good as the movies. Lounge in style on your recliner as you binge-watch your favourite sport or Netflix shows, while your wall-mounted TV unit does exactly what furniture is supposed to, act as a piece of decor adding to the overall theme of the room.

The ultimate space savers, wall-mounted TV unit designs are a godsend to modern homes. For a stunningly sophisticated look, consider a modern wall unit for TV against a dark wall of grey and surround your TV with a gallery of black and white photographs. Or try a TV wall unit design with minimal bearings and floating shelves for a rich look. Place potted plants on either side for an organic touch. If storage is a crucial part of what you're seeking, then look no further than modern built-in TV wall unit designs. With a wall and base combo, and wood panel backdrops, every inch of this console oozes style. Give your living room a new lease of life with Urban Ladder's TV wall units.

  • Wall mounted TV unit

    A wall mounted TV unit is a truly remarkable piece of furniture that allows you to meticulously organize the area around your TV. With designated spaces for magazines, remote controls, and souvenirs, a wall TV unit ensures that you have a comfortable yet distraction-free viewing experience. Wall mounted TV units also provide a safe area to place your expensive and fragile TV set, thereby preventing any accidental damage. So, go ahead and relax on those sofa sets and watch your favourite TV show in peace.
  • LED TV wall units

    TV units designed for LED TVs are not just sleek and stylish, but also ensure that the viewing angle is well maintained. With its appealing visual look, a LED TV wall unit is the perfect accessory on which to place your TV sets. So, get the coffee tables and lounge chairs out and create your own cosy entertainment space at home!
  • LCD TV wall units

    One of the best modern TV wall units is the LCD TV wall unit with its clean-cut lines, well-organized storage space, and simple features. Thin screen LCD TV units are delicate, and therefore, it’s crucial to place them safely in a solid wall unit for TV that can hold it firmly. Take a look at Urban Ladder’s online catalogue for ideas on setting up your entertainment area.

TV Wall Unit Designs Online to give an extra touch to your living room

An ideal TV wall design complements the décor of your home, tastefully and effortlessly. It’s important to select TV wall unit designs that provide sufficient space to organize your entertainment area in a clutter-free manner. With specific compartments and easy to reach storage drawers and cabinets, an excellent TV wall unit design also smoothly hides those pesky TV wires and cables.

  • Wall mounted TV designs

    If you’re searching for TV wall unit designs for the living room, then choose from among the modern built-in TV wall unit designs. With its minimalistic and no fuss exterior, it is sure to make your viewing experience a good one! Wall mounted TV unit designs, with its plethora of compartments and display units for knick-knacks, is the ideal furniture for a living room space. No need to stack your magazines and remotes on the centre table, instead use the TV walls unit designs for living room to set up your entertainment zone.
  • TV wall unit designs for living room

    A living room TV wall design is the perfect furniture to set up your entertainment area creatively. Unlike a showcase, a well-structured TV wall unit can store all the gadgets related to your TV set and can conceal the unsightly wires that often gather dust lying in the corner. Use your wall TV cabinet design to display your souvenirs, artefacts, paintings, and other small collectibles to reflect your personality. If you prefer a standalone structure, go for well-built wall shelves that can neatly display your collection.
  • Simple TV wall design

    A simple TV wall design will never disappoint! They are easy to use, convenient to maintain, and they fit in beautifully with all décor themes. Designs such wooden TV wall unit designs not only look classy and elegant but are also durable and stable. The return on investment on wooden wall units is quite good due to its long-lasting structure. Explore the wide range of TV units at Urban Ladder and find perfection in terms of your desires, budget, and requirements.

Explore wooden TV wall units on Urban Ladder

A hot take, a TV wall unit is the most vital piece of furniture in a home. Whether it's in the living room, bedroom or your study, it's a simple fact that the focal point is the television. Therefore, a TV wall unit design has the humungous task of anchoring an entire space while creating a crossroad between ergonomics and aesthetics. Should your TV take up a big chunk of the wall or is small enough to be subtle, explore the wooden wall TV stand designs from Urban Ladder.

Embrace your minimal side and keep your wall clean with a wooden TV wall mount. Truly transform a space with two bookshelves on either side of a TV wall unit design, wooden sofa with bold throw pillows and rugs for a vibrant, living room. Invest in modern built-in TV wall unit designs with creative layouts to design luxurious, awe-inspiring spaces. Hanging a TV wall unit for a bed-scape? Add a little greenery on either side and unwind in style.

Choosing the Right TV Wall Cabinet

Decided to finally go with a gorgeous TV wall cabinet rather than mounting your flat screen directly on the wall ? Good decision. Whether you go with an enclosed TV wall cabinet or an open one, its design would do complete justice to your glossy screen. But to ensure these cabinets fulfil your needs while complementing the design of your sofas, you need to think about a few considerations beforehand.

  • TV Size :

    It is always better to have a wall mounted LED TV cabinet that is the same size as your TV or larger than it. This way, the TV fits right in and gets the sturdy support for all its related gadgets like the speakers, remotes, wires etc.
    Having said that, read carefully through the company guidelines of the selected wall mounted TV cabinet for its precise size information.
  • Room Layout:

    Plan beforehand where your new wall hanging tv cabinet would go. Even though it is the most adaptable furniture piece, it needs to be bought only after considering the size and style of the home’s other furniture. Otherwise, your tv cabinet for corner wall might look out of place.
  • Lifestyle:

    After deciding upon the decor aspect of your furniture, you also need to see if the selected wall TV cabinet meets your family’s requirements or not. If you have children, do not go for cabinets with glass door and make sure to choose a concealed TV wall cabinet to minimise everyday cleaning hassles.

Get Best Tv Wall Unit Designs for Your Living Room

Showcase your new high definition TV in the way that it was meant to be displayed, housed in a designer tv wall unit from the brand new collection of wall unit designs for living room available right here on Urban Ladder! When you shop with Urban Ladder it is easy to find the perfect wall mounted tv unit online, with the simple click of a button. Browse through many different tv panel designs for living room to find the one that suits your living room space and brings out the best in your home entertainment system. With so many different options available in tv unit design online, it's important to find the right one for your home. From pop wall units to smaller low units, and even options that can be swivelled to allow for optimum viewing pleasure of your new tv, our latest collection of wall units for living room is sure to have exactly what you are looking for. With our easy to manoeuvre online catalogue, you can now compare and contrast materials, size, design and prices when you shop for a tv wall unit online, making the decision making process all the more convenient. So, what are you waiting for? Come find the perfect TV unit for your new TV, at India’s most trusted furniture retailer, Urban Ladder.

Types of Wall Mounted TV Stands at Urban Ladder

The perfect size of the unit provides maximum support to your TV and enhances the decor of your home. Let us discuss these units on the basis of your TV’s measurement now, shall we:

    • Wall Mounted TV Cabinet by TV Sizes:

      The width of a cabinet needs to exceed the width of television at least by 2-5 inches. Here are some of the wall cabinet sizes paired with the appropriate TV size to help you in the right selection.
      • 32 inch - Wall mount TV stand 32 inch is clearly the right size for your 32-inch TV. However, if you are unable to find this particular size, try getting a TV stand with 28-inch width for TV sets below 32 inches. Check out our 32 to 42 inches TV units for latest designs
      • 50 inch - 50 inch TV entertainment wall unit holds your 50-inch TV securely but you can also go for models holding a minimum width between 46 to 49 inches. For more details, do look into our 42 to 50 inches TV units.
      • And so on… - After 50-inch TV, the standard sizes start from 55-inch. The minimum width of the entertainment wall unit for 55 inch TV must be somewhere between 50-53 inches. However, a more apt width would be 55-inches wall unit for 55 inch TV.
        Televisions exceeding this size and falling between the measurements of 60 inches, 70 inches, 75 inches and 80 inches can gracefully fit within 60 inch tv wall unit, 70 inch tv wall unit, 75 inch tv wall unit and 80 inch tv wall unit respectively. If you have a TV of such a measure, do look into our above 50 inches TV stands.
    • Wall Mounted TV Stand by Stand Sizes:

      • Small: If your TV-watching frequency is low, you can purchase a small TV wall unit. This small wall mounted TV unit efficiently puts away your TV and let the other decor elements of the room dominate the scene.
      • Large: A large TV wall cabinet is an update on the usual cabinet scene. These can be either be open or closed.
      • Tall: The tall TV wall unit is the glossiest addition to your decor, with all its functionality intact. This can become the centrepiece of your room, the direction which your sofa sets will face. These can even substitute as your TV showcase, TV cupboard or even pooja mandir.

Explore different Tv Wall Unit Price at Urban Ladder

Shopping for a tv unit and wall shelves just got a whole lot easier. Find some of the highest quality units at a wall mounted tv stand price that is absolutely unbeatable, right here on Urban Ladder! When you shop online with Urban Ladder, you can compare and contrast different types of tv cabinet design with price until you find one that suits your pocket. Our easy-to-browse online showroom lists every tv unit design with price, so you can make an informed decision. With collections in every price point, you are sure to find a tv showcase price that fits your budget.

Reasons to buy TV wall units at Urban Ladder.

Let's face it: TV is an indispensable accessory to our homes. As much as we all consume content on our phones and laptops, nothing feels as good as vegging out on our sofa sets or double beds, watching some good old fashioned TV. It is our go-to place for entertainment. So, it seems fitting that our design extends to the TV wall unit. So here's a quick rundown on why you should buy TV wall unit designs on Urban Ladder.

Size: We've all heard of the phrase a cherry on top of the cake. And that's precisely what your TV wall unit should be for your TV. Whether you have a small flat-screen TV or a home theatre, Urban Ladder's TV wall units are both space-conscious and extravagant. Price: At Urban Ladder, we pride ourselves on making sure that your piece of furniture is an investment. And that's no different for our TV wall unit price. Not only will you get a great deal on the wall-mounted TV unit price but also uncompromised craftsmanship. Talk about a home run.

Style: It's crucial to think of the aesthetics of your space before installing a TV wall unit. For contemporary layouts, take a look at our sleek modern built TV wall unit designs. For a retro-mid century vibe, wooden wall TV stand designs would give a beautiful finish. An assortment of designs and hundreds of trusted reviews is what makes Urban Ladder the perfect store for your TV wall unit and other furniture needs.

Frequently asked questions

    • What are the different types of wall mounted TV units?

      Wall mounted TV units can differ based on the storage type and quality of wood. In terms of storage, wall-mounted TV units can be either open or closed. As far as wood quality is concerned, it can either use hardwoods such as mahogany and teak or use softwoods and engineered wood.
    • What is the best viewing angle of a wall mounted TV?

      The best viewing angle entirely depends on the convenience of the customer and the preferred seating height. Urban Ladder’s Iwaki TV units come with a swivel mechanism that allows the TV to be adjusted to any angle.
    • What are the different sizes of wall mounted TV units?

      For standard TV sizes, wall units that are compact and medium-sized works well. However, floor standing units are larger when compared with regular wall-mounted units.
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