How to Turn your Home into Instagram Candy

. December 28, 2015 .

How to Turn your Home into Instagram Candy

So you’re an Instagram fiend, and want to post dreamy pictures of your (near) perfect home. Here is our bag of tricks to get you on the ‘gramming bandwagon, and strike some serious house envy in the hearts of your followers.

KNOW YOUR MEDIUM Instagram pictures are not your garden-variety selfies. While they are usually taken with smartphone cameras, there is nothing instant about them. ‘Grams are crafty compositions meant to trigger visual aha-moments and envious gasps. Just so you don’t get lost in the sea of users, pick an aesthetic persona. Texture lover, colour connoisseur, minimalist, at-home storyteller, floor fanatic – what’s your obsession?



Natural light is an Instagrammer’s best friend. It heightens colour, highlights textures and adds depth. That said, steer clear of direct, too-bright sunlight (or overhead lamps). The glare can ruin your Instashoot by creating harsh contrasts. Capture your home in subdued light. Bathe interior shots in a soft, ambient glow, shoot post-sunrise, or in the early evening.

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Weed out the clutter. Think clean, balanced compositions. Warring patterns and colours create background noise. Less is more, when it comes to setting up the frame. Dress it up with a few thoughtfully selected props or keep it stark. Too much styling will make it look staged.

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When it comes to making a refreshing statement, plants are a no-brainer. Garnish home and furniture shots with potted plants and glass jars of fresh flowers for a hit of irresistible green.



Book nerds will love this. Style your shot with casually strewn books and magazines or stack them purposefully. Watch as the space changes from staid to full-of-character. Explore Bookshelves>



While healthy Instagramming is not a popularity contest, pets are easily the biggest crowdpullers. They personalise your pictures and add to the aww-factor of your home.   Explore Pet-friendly Sofas>



Take photos from a low angle. Crouching or lying flat on the ground will reward you with an interesting and unusual perspective. For a stand-out still life, get on top of a chair to get the big picture. Whatever the angle, hold the camera steady!

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NO HAMMING Edit before you post. Crop, trim, brighten, and experiment with filters. Don’t go overboard with the special effects. A #nofilter policy makes for crisp, natural snapshots that bring out the best in homes.



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Don’t try too hard to be interesting. Find beauty in the accidental and in the everyday – a cosy reading nook, shafts of morning light on your kitchen floor, fresh blooms in your balcony.

Note: Instagram can be seriously addictive.    

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