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Oven Gloves

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If you are a baker, one of the first things you pull out of the drawer before anything else is your oven mitt. It protects your hands from getting burnt while you handle steaming hot dishes, fresh out of the oven. With gloves on, you can keep cooking and baking without fear of being burnt.
Oven gloves are the perfect kitchen accessory. The oven gloves available at Urban Ladder protect your hands from extreme heat and scalding surfaces without sacrificing dexterity and comfort. Not only does it keep your hands from getting burnt with hot pans, but it also comes with a handy loop for easy storage when not in use. Hang it on the oven door handle, and you'll have your oven mitts right where you need it when you need to grab that baking pan off the top rack. Baking gloves are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy baking in the kitchen with peace of mind.

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