#ULCraftyFox Upcycle Pickle Bottles Into Gorgeous Terrariums

. December 16, 2015 .

The next time you end up with an empty jar of pickle, jam or Nutella (which is easy enough to do), don’t hand it  over to your radiwallah, or worse, bin it. Instead, use it to make a darling little terrarium for your home or desk. A terrarium is any sealed transparent container (like a fishbowl or a mason jar) used to grow plants. 



Soak the jar in a pot of simmering water. Add detergent. There should be enough water to cover any labels on the jar. Once the water reaches room temperature, peel the labels off the jar. Scrub with a soapy sponge to get rid of any residual glue.


Next, line the jar with pebbles, followed by moss/coffee beans. This prevents the plant from getting over watered.


Add soil, scoop a small hole and place your plant in. Make sure the soil just about covers the roots.

Voila… your terrarium is ready. Keep it in a cool, dry environment, watering it only when the soil loses all moisture. You’ll know when the soil changes color and becomes light brown. 

Place it on your desk, kitchen counter, windowsill, or just about anywhere that could do with a touch of green. And as always, don’t forget to send us pictures of your terrarium on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using #ULCraftyFox! 

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