Mad About Monochrome! A Tete-a-tete With Anshika Kakkar, Visual Merchandiser

. February 05, 2016 .

Let Inspiration Find You

“Your home should reflect who you are, and not the last Pinerest image you saw. Don’t go looking for inspiration, let it find you!”

Meet Anshika Kakkar. Visual merchandiser. Traveler. Foodie. Late-night researcher of fashion and art. She draws inspiration from the people and places she comes across in everyday life. 

“Life as we know it has become so chaotic and complex that I try to make it simpler through whatever I create. To me, design isn’t just one product. Or two. It is a whole process, starting with when you visualise a space and culminating in the feeling or sense you get when you walk into it.”

Seeing things in Black & White

“I love white decor and firmly, firmly believe that ‘less is more’. Monochrome done right is decor at its unbeatable best! Here’s a look I love-it’s contemporary, with an edge.”

Decor for Compact Spaces

“Considering we are the apartment generation, we do have limitations. But square footage shouldn’t stop us from creating a beautiful living space.”

1. Imagine filling a small room with plush, oversized furniture, side tables, plants, curios, and whatnot... it will seem crowded, even claustrophobic. Always be mindful of your space and proportions.

2. Buy furniture that’s multifunctional. Or use existing furniture cleverly. A low chest of drawers, for instance, could work as a TV unit.


3. Never place furniture against the wall that lets in maximum sunlight. A well-lit room automatically looks bigger and brighter. So does using low-lying furniture in the room.

4. Don’t be afraid of bold colours, be it cushion covers, carpets, art, or wall paint. It will only add character to your room.


5. Never forget some indoor foliage, never! Nothing cheers up a lonely corner like a potted plant.


6. Mix & match. Then do it again. From experimenting with different tables and chairs to layering carpets, embrace contrasts.



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