The Home Detox Guide. Win The War Against Clutter Without Losing Your Mind.

. February 16, 2016 .

Clutter-free homes are not just clean homes. They’re also efficient, streamlined places where you find and do things with ease. Plus, you can bask in the beauty of elegantly pared down surroundings. And they’re not just the stuff of Instagram fantasies either!  With these simple techniques, you can create and maintain a chaos-free home, all year round. Here’s our list of easy-to-keep, anti-mess resolutions to live tidily ever after.


Be on clutter patrol: Take frequent expeditions to zero in on clutter zones. Chances are there’s always that one spot in every room that’s a dumping ground for all things. Zap these serial space-hoggers and you’ll reclaim corners and more.

Make clutter-busting fun: De-junking your home does not have to be boring or painstaking. Turn up the music, get family (or friends) involved and treat yourself at the end of it. Order in pizza, or go out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate a job well done.


Don’t freak out: Roll up your sleeves and start small. Space out your cleaning spree over a period of time, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Take up the easiest cupboard or counter to clear first. Then move to the scary wardrobes and locations with a high clutter quotient. As momentum builds, dedicate a weekend to a decluttering purge.


Avoid stuffocation: Clutter-free living ties in with the ideas of minimalism and conscious consumption. Keep the stuff that you use and use the stuff that you have. Hold on to the things that give you joy. And the stuff that you can’t remember why you have it? Toss ‘em. Resist the urge to hoard (clothes, hotel toiletries, towels, books, DVDs, clothes, tools, ziploc bags, plastic covers, paper bags, etc.), and make place for the things you truly want.


Think minimalist: Keep all surfaces clean. Weed out your dresser, nightstand and tables. Make an in-box and an out-box. Keep only the things that serve a purpose – it could be aesthetic or functional. Do get get rid of paper piles, floating bills and old stationery. Important documents? File them for easy access.


Find a  place for everything: The key to a clutter-free home is putting a simple organisation system in place. Stationery, medicines, hobby stuff, documents, umbrellas – create a designated spot for everything. Leave no category unturned. It would be lovely to have a bit of Disney magic at your disposal. Snap your fingers and everything flies into place. In lieu of that, stack and categorise.

Store, don’t hoard: Available storage space doesn’t automatically mean you have to use every available inch. Keep ten percent of your closets and cabinets free for new additions. Remember to store the things you use frequently, right up-front.

Throw it in a box: Get a decluttering box or basket. Put things away on a regular basis. Let it lie in the box for a few days. Then decide if you want to keep/ donate/ bin it.



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