The Contemporary Indian Homestead - Changing Perspectives About Furniture & Interiors

. March 01, 2016 .

Urban Ladder, one of India’s top online furniture and decor companies, conducted a study to understand the changing trends and perspectives about furniture design and home decor in India. This infographic represents some of the insights garnered through this study.


(1) Fluid Spaces:­ Rooms are no longer demarcated by function, but used as convenient. For instance, many use the dining table as a work nook, while dinners often happen in the living room, accompanied by television viewing.

(2) Goodbye, Pre­packaged Looks:­ Homeowners increasingly prefer to mix and match individual designs instead of buying sets. In compact homes, for instance, conventional sofa sets are sometimes replaced by a day bed with a couple of lounge chairs.

(3) Clean Design: Minimalist design and concealed storage are growing in appeal. TV units designed to conceal ugly cables and wires, and chests of drawers, study tables, and sideboards with recessed grooves or hand­pulls instead of bulky handles are a few examples.

(4) Multifunctional Design: Homeowners are ready to pay more for additional functionality. For instance sofa cum bed or beds with storage. However, most are not willing to spend as much on things purely aesthetic. Decor is still seen as a small buy.

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