10 Party Decor Ideas That Can Be Done in 10 Minutes

. December 23, 2016 .

Let me start with a cliche: It’s that time of the year again. Yup, you must have read this line in about ten pieces by now, and yet when it comes to describing the best time of the year I often fall short of a perfect sentence to describe the significance this holds for me. Holiday season means family, friends, and a whole lot of house parties. But then if you are hosting house parties, how do you get to relax?

As a kid, I used to see my mom and my grandma (who is still a big advocate for perfection) toil days and hours before a family get together. It’s an outrage really, the amount of time and effort they used to spend in decor. And more often than not, my mother used to spend the next two days recuperating from all the activity.

If it’s a party, let it be a party for all! Have moments to remember, not achy bones. So this year round, we’ve put together ten great party decor ideas that can be done in a few minutes and are perfect for working individuals like me and fans of last minute parties too. Take a look.

1. Keep it simple: Large, grande, out of the world are words that best suit large party halls. When it comes to your home and house parties, keep your table functional and simple. For our Christmas party, we did up our table with a few stack of plates, a candle and a runner, all under the holiday theme.

2. Use seasonal leaves and flowers as centerpieces: I hardly buy flowers anymore. For centerpieces, look around your area for local leaves, flowers and foliage. Use them to get in some uniqueness to your table.


3. Add fairy lights: Need instant party flair? Add fairy lights to your room and even your table. Let it light up your table with a soft glow. If you want something more permanent, go for gorgeous pendant lights.

4. Washi tape glass markers: Let your guests grab their drinks and never mix the glasses up! Add different coloured washi tape to the bottom or the mid section of the glasses.

5. The DIY cakestand: Have a cake you’d want to show off? Well, make your own cake stand with a candle stand and a plate! Add some strong/hot glue to the base of the plate (centre) and add the candle stand to the plate. Let it rest and voila!


6. Turn a mirror to a chalkboard menu: Don’t keep your guests waiting unless you are doing omakase. Add chalk paint to an unused mirror and turn it to a cafe style menu board. This needs about 2 hours to dry though!

7. Pep up the ceiling: To add instant party vibe, fill balloons with H2, add a gold or silver ribbon and let them loose in your home. They will rest by the ceiling giving a dreamy look to your space! Please do not turn the fans on!

8. Sequinned cushions add instant party vibe: Need a quick party decor update? Turn to throws and cushions. Pair them with bright solids or with neutrals - a bit of metallic goes a long way. 


9. Thumbtack Candles: Turn your plain pillar candles into designer ones with thumbtacks. Heat the pin and tack it on to your candle. Repeat. You can make stripes, fill the candle or dot it! The pattern is all yours to choose.

10. Glitter Glass Lumineries: Got a few glass lying around your home? An empty clear vase perhaps? Brush a portion near the bottom with adhesive that dries clear and add glitter powder. Dust and let try. Now use them to store tissues, cutlery or flowers. Here's a fun DIY you can try.


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Rukmini blogs at trumatter.in and lives her beach house dreams inside her Mumbai city apartment, one DIY project at a time. It all started out as a journal to record her everyday life in Mumbai and little décor projects that reminded her of her home back in the hills, and soon went on to be recognised as the best blog in India for design category. Her style is predominantly ocean - inspired and shabby - chic with a jumble of vintage. Believes that good living doesn’t cost much, and uses her home as a canvas to share her DIY home décor solutions and tips.


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