What Does 2017 Spell For Interior Decor? Trends Predicted.

. January 11, 2017 .

And 2017 is here! While a whole lot of people blamed 2016 for taking away our worldly heroes, to me however the poor year was very very nice. And I say me because it was great in terms of design! We started with two serene Pantone shades to begin with, embraced delftware, let in comfort seep in through strict aesthetic boundaries which gave birth to the “glamily” room, said goodbye to gold and hugged a whole lot of neutrals. Really! 2016 was amazing. But can I tell you that home trends 2017 has upped what was already pretty awesome. Why? Because everything about Trends 2017 is chic, inspiring and focuses on little overhauls!

The slytherins prayed hard and Pantone heard it somehwere! No surprises here that Green, as celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard puts, is “Strong Again”. No, you don’t have to paint your room a shade of green to be in trend. Little splashes of green like a vase, a few accent cushions, a rug or even plants will up your home decor game.

Tropical Prints
Though not personally keen on this but decor takes cues from the runway and we’ve seen designers go all out with tropical prints. So we can say that somewhere we will also see a bit of tropical print storm.

We caught the comfort bug last year with glamily rooms and this year design will mould itself according to your comfort. Hygge or Hooga as its pronounced is a Danish/Norwegian concept of well being and that is what decor will seek to achieve. A sense of well being and feel good atmosphere. In short, a style that highlights warmth, cosy and good.

We saw marble in trend last year, and this year it will continue to rule the roost albeit in different forms! Different forms? Think wallpaper, tabletops, planters and more. And though we bid shiny gold an adieu, I think we will hold on to Brass to pair with marble.

Grey came in vogue last year and will continue to stay through 2017. From dark slate to softer tones; from walls to painted floors. We will see a whole lot of grays this year too.

Good Lighting
Some would say quirky lighting but I say good lighting because this year we are looking at lighting trends that essentially instills a sense of comfort. No harsh lights or shiny glares. 2017 is going to be an year of soft light at the red end of the spectrum and beautiful statement pieces. Im looking at a lot of PH lamps to be honest!

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