7 Room Arrangement Mistakes To Avoid

. January 24, 2017 .

You walk into a room. The furniture is beautiful, so are the accessories. But something’s off, although you can’t put a finger on what.  Nine times out of ten, that iffy factor will be the room layout. Here are 7 rookie room setup mistakes to avoid if you want to create a stunner of a space.

1. Don't fill up the space.

Crowding a room with too many lovely pieces of furniture or decor makes the room look confused and none of the pieces will get the attention they deserve. Instead, showcase one piece-this could be anything from a statement chair to a lamp to painting. Arrange everything else around this.

2. Don't crowd the walkways.

Weaving around sofas, chairs, tables, and curios just to cross a room can be frustrating. While laying out the furniture in any room, leave 2-3 feet of space to allow people to walk around comfortably without colliding with anything.

3. Don't push everything against the wall.

This creates a gaping hole in the centre, especially in larger spaces. Plus, who wants to shout across a room to make themselves heard? Moving your couch and chairs closer together creates a cosier atmosphere, more amenable to games and conversation.

4. Don't lose balance.

Your room doesn't need to be perfectly symmetrical, but you do need a certain balance of elements. For instance, a couch on one side of the room can be complemented by a pair of chairs placed across it. 



5. Don't let the layout beat you.

Divide large open or long narrow spaces into zones based on what you'll use each area for - watching TV, working on your laptop, having conversations, or playing games. This activity-based setup is not just practical but also orderly and pleasing to the eye.

6. Don't skip the lights.

Think beyond overhead lights and wall lamps to light up a room. Instead, play with secondary light sources to create a great ambiance. Table lamps next to the couch or armchair to aid reading, a study lamp at your work desk, a floor lamp to highlight a corner, or spotlights to bring a display case into focus are just some examples.

7. Don't forget the legs.

If you have a carpet or rug in the middle of the room, make sure that all furniture legs are either on it or off - consistency is key. This not only makes the room look more orderly but also prevents your chairs and tables from wobbling. 


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