On Taking the Road Less Travelled

. February 10, 2017 .

Creativity has no start date or expiry date. Some people are lucky to realise their calling early in life, while others need a little nudge. Usha Borda has always been creative with a problem solving mind. She studied in a school that followed Gandhian principles, so she used to make her own fabric right from the thread, on the charkha.

“When I was a teenager, I used to stitch baby clothes for a neighbor. I would make braided pot holders from jute and braided mats for home. I loved designing my own skirts and being different.”

Though she loved creating and making functional masterpieces, she never thought about making a business of it. It was her daughters, Bansari and Ishita, who saw value in the products that she created.

“It all began when my daughters used a jute bag I made for them. The compliments I received for the bag was very motivating. That is how Dhaaga was born.”

Usha’s first exhibit was at a design college fest. Being appreciated and accepted in a crowd that consisted of her target customers reaffirmed her faith in the brand.

“Each of the handcrafted pieces are created with a lot of love, time and dedication. It gives me immense pleasure to see someone else use them and love them as much as I do.”

Usha not only started her own venture, but employed other women from villages and chawls nearby to work for her, thereby empowering them to earn for themselves and their families.

When asked what she would like to tell people who are hesitant to do what they love, she says:  

“Don’t just think about creating, do it! There are only two possible outcomes. You will either get it right, or you won’t get it right, and will try something else. That’s all that’ll happen.”

From starting her own venture to empowering several women, attending fashion weeks and collaborating with famous bloggers and brands, Usha has definitely come a long way.

Here’s wishing you lots of success with Dhaaga. We hope that you continue to inspire people like you always have.

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