How To Incorporate The Pantone Colour Of The Year 2017 In Your Home

. February 07, 2017 .

Yes, Pantone colour of the year is greenery and what a fresh change from the last two seasons that highlighted a deep Marsala in 2015 and twin shades of Serenity in 2016. Really though, it broke the internet, the day the colour of the year was released and understandably so because suddenly the power to be in trend was somehow accessible. And although it is a fairly easy trend to adapt, there are chances of overdoing it dangerously too! Take a look at this guide to incorporate greenery like pro.

Not wall, think furniture


Your first instinct might be to give your home a shade of green, but hold on to that thought. Unless you are a hundred and ten percent sure that you would want a green wall, do not venture into that area. Green is not a very neutral colour and can feel a bit overboard after sometime. Instead look for furniture and accents to incorporate the shade in your home. A green leatherette sofa in emerald or stools in bright green will do the trick quite effortlessly!


Got a few old chairs lying around? How about giving them a green update? Pair them with black and white cushions with a touch of gold or go all out and flank them with fuchsia, orange and warm browns.



A great way to incorporate the Pantone colour of the year 2017 in your home is through accents. And while you are thinking accents, think solid shades of green and prints too! Though they say prints and wallpapers with big leaf is out, I personally quite like them and think that in moderation they’ll work quite well in 2017 too. You could also get the shade in with duvets, drapes, rugs and throws. 


Fool proof and never out of style is this way of getting greenery in your home- well, this is all about getting the outdoor in! Get inspired by Justina Blakeney who runs the famous blog jungalow for some bohemian inspiration on how to incorporate plants in your home or head on over to theurbanjungle blog who inspires us with ideas on plants done minimalist apartment style. Or go Indian and flaunt your inherited brass by adding a plant in it or two.



I love foraging. And I think I haven’t bought a bouquet in a long while thanks to the local greenery around me which never fails to please. Incorporate the shade in your home through little centerpieces with foraged greens that never disappoints! 

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