All The World’s A Canvas

. March 31, 2017 .

Have you ever felt that one lifetime is too short for you to do everything you want to? Meet your inspiration, Madhurie Pandit!

A graduate in science and a qualified software engineer, Madhurie decided to heed the inner voice telling her she could be so much more. So, she also became a pranic healer, a home decor artist and a writer, besides other things! We asked this all-rounder (or multi-potentialite, which is what we’re calling these cool people nowadays) what the creative life means to her. She says:

“Creating is giving life to your ideas. It is an expression of freedom. Creating is liberating and therapeutic. Creating is letting go of inhibitions.”

She reminisces about one of her first creations -  a colourful wooden wall clock, with Warli artwork in place of numbers. She talks about the various failed attempts and the sublime joy of finally creating what she had envisioned in her mind. We asked her when she realised that she was destined to be a creator.

“As a child I would make rangoli during Diwali, with my dad. I got my sketching genes from him. This experience laid the foundation of my artsy side. For many years, I had a lot of creative ideas but I never took them seriously. Tribal Warli art has always fascinated me. I tried my hand at it during a pot painting competition at office and won the first prize. I think that sparked my interest further.”

After working in the corporate world for over 15 years, Madhurie decided to take a sabbatical to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics. Around this time, she started sketching again. While shopping for pieces to do up her home, she couldn’t find any of the Warli-themed artwork she was looking for. This prompted her to create her own, and soon, her home had gorgeous Warli decor. She says:

“Friends loved my work and wanted me to do it for them too! That is when I decided to give identity to my art, and Maddie’s Fingers, The Arty Ones was born. I keep experimenting, mainly with Warli, and that is how my art form has evolved.”

While Warli art is definitely one of her big creative outlets, Madhurie does not let any one role define her. She also writes about life experiences that move her and is active in giving back to society.

“A short story based on an incident that happened in my life, titled ‘Divine Intervention’, was published in an anthology called ‘Tell Me A Story’, edited by Ravinder Singh. I have been running the Mumbai Marathon to help raise funds for various NGOs. I also love DIYs and I make my own crochet jewellery, shoes and accessories.”

We ask her what she’d like to tell those who are hesitant to create a life around what they love. She says:

“Follow your heart. If it feels right, if it makes you happy, then do give it a chance. Please remember, not everything you do will yield the results you want, and that’s ok! At least you tried. All you need is faith, patience and the perseverance to embrace your new life as it takes shape. Explore, experiment, evolve and create!”

We couldn’t have said it better Madhurie! Here’s wishing you the very best in everything that you do. May you continue to inspire people to follow their loves!

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