Art Fit For Royalty

. March 02, 2017 .

They say nothing worth having comes easy. Rishi Kapil is proof. 

Fulfilling the demands of the typical Indian family, Rishi had ticked all the right boxes - a degree in science, a role in the family business, and then, starting his own family. Little did he know, though, that the art bug that had bitten him a long time ago had no plans of letting him sink into routine. 

“I had a flair for art since childhood. It was evident in the activities that I undertook in school, be it drawing, painting, drama or poetry. I always had the creative keeda in me.”

So despite having no formal training in advertising, Rishi started writing ads for his family business. At 30, he got back to drawing and painting, letting these creative pursuits occupy his leisure time. Eventually, Rishi had become completely hooked to art. If he wasn’t painting, he’d be studying art from books or admiring the works of artists on the internet. Soon, in just 5 years, he was ready to host his first exhibition. 

“I started with painting portraits and landscapes. The human form is beautiful, and a challenge to conquer on canvas. I had the privilege to paint a portrait for Mr. Sabri Ergen, the Consulate General of Turkey. He was so thrilled when he saw my work that he immediately jumped on his sofa and put it up on his office wall. I was invited by the renowned Turkish artist Devrim Erbil to Istanbul, to paint for a museum. One of my watercolours was chosen to be displayed at the International Watercolour Convention in Fabriano, Italy.”

Today, Rishi juggles his 9-to-5 job as a businessman with his passion for art beautifully. He lives for the sense of achievement he gets when he’s painting and the adrenaline rush he feels when a painting is complete.

“Recently, I was invited by HH Prince Adithya Verma of the Royal Travancore family, to paint and exhibit my paintings depicting the Royal Kowdiyar Palace in Thiruvananthapuram. I painted a series on the glorious interiors of the palace and the Royal family. They now have a portrait of HH Rani Gowri Laxmi Bayi, the current princess, painted by me in their palace. This painting enjoys the company of the priceless paintings by Raja Ravi Verma.”

Rishi believes that every human being is born creative, but life comes in the way and creativity takes a back seat. To those who hesitate to embrace their creativity, he says:

“We often fail to realise that creativity or art is something that stays with you for ever. It is what is truly yours and yours alone. It’s far more rewarding and valuable than any pay cheque in the world. Creativity is therapeutic, it elevates you above all.”

Well said, Rishi! Here’s hoping that your creativity and art inspire people to do what they truly love!

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