10 Stunning Bedroom Setups That Are The Stuff Of Dreams

. April 06, 2017 .

Bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep. They are where our days begin and evenings end. The sanctuary to which we return at the end of a chaotic day. Here are 10 inspiring bedrooms that will make you want to snuggle up right away. 

#1 Black, White & Teal

Eclectic, yet classy, this bedroom by @budgethomeliving has oodles of charm. The fresh blooms by the bed, the incandascent bedside lamp, the tufted headboard... what's not to love?


#2 Come Home To Great Sleep

A house within a house? We love the roofless tent setup and the yellow & black bed linen. The cityscapes wallpaper adds a touch of class to this otherwise bohemian setup by @thislittlelove_au.


#3 Pastel Perfection

A delightful space that is soft, graceful, and whimsical without being cloyingly girlish. The subdued wall colour plays the perfect contrast to the setup. Picture courtesy: Two Little Ducklings.

#4 Loft of Charm

With a bedroom this cosy and dreamy, it's going to be impossible to get up! We are loving this minimal, all-white decor by @mykindoflife.

#5 Dark Is The Night

Studies show that darker wall shades and curtains in the bedroom make the space more sleep-friendly. This gorgeous space by @dekochantek is a perfect example of how to get this right.

#6 Can't Go Wrong With Classic

In this classic style bedroom by @bellarte_yalta, the crib has been placed in a sunny corner. Replace that with a reading nook or a work space and you have a creative space you won't ever want to leave.

#7 The Glam Quotient

Tufted upholstery, tasteful mirrors, bedside lamps... all of it comes together to create a luxurious space. Picture courtesy: @burlap_and_glitter.

#8 Zen Cottage

With all the charm of a cottage, yet with a touch of contemporary aesthetics, @love_on_the_road's bedroom strikes the perfect balance. We love the Victorian-style picture frames, the handy necklace hanger, and the printed pillowcases.

#9 A Tryst With Heritage

Reminiscent of palaces and beautiful havelis, this bedroom by @meghnachaudhury is quintessentially Indian. The pops of colour on the bed make the perfect contrast to the vintage wallpaper. 

#10 Rustic Charm

Hanging bedside tables, the lovely, low roof, the gorgeous high headboard, the textured rug on the floor... Different elements come together beautifully in @houseliftdesign's cosy space.

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