Little Brush and Big Dreams

. April 14, 2017 .

When you embark upon a creative journey, you need to carry with you a generous dose of self-belief and a capacity for hard work. Meet Dhrishni Thakuria, who has checked off both these qualities and is thriving in the creative world!

Many years ago, Dhrishni was mocked at school for a piece she had created for a drawing competition. This incident could have damped the budding artist. Instead, it fired her to do more.

“When I was in the 5th standard, I participated in a drawing competition. The topic was deforestation. Unlike most of my friends who made brilliant sketches of trees being cut down and the likes, I did some kind of modern art that even the panel could not understand. I was mocked for it. It did bother me in some way then, but thanks to that incident, I never stopped experimenting with my art, and it has pushed me this far.”

We ask her what creativity means to her. She says:

“For me, a creation is a vision that is put to work. One has to believe in their ideas to bring them to life.”

Around the end of 2016, Dhrishni discovered her fondness for painting used bottles, thanks to her better half. This spurred her on to experiment on canvas as well.

“My friends complimented me for my work and insisted that I start taking orders. It was a turning point in my life. Now, there's no looking back. I work round the clock to create something new and add variety to my creations. The best part is that they have been appreciated well.”

She draws inspiration from websites like Pantone Inc and also follows the work of talented photographers on Instagram.

“I love colours. Every time I notice a beautiful colour or a vibrant hue, it triggers me to experiment with it on my canvas. You may be surprised by this, but to me, even my mood and my state of mind have colours that inspire me to create art.”

Dhrishni is no one-trick creator. Besides pursuing art, she is currently working on her first novel.

“My passion for painting drove me to launch an art collection called Little Brush, which includes art on canvas, phone cases, cushions and notebooks.”

To those who need a little nudge to embrace their creativity, she says:

“Everything hinges on your hard work, consistency and dedication. If you believe that you have a talent that you would like to explore more, give in to it. Maybe it will take time, but hard work will surely bear fruit. From my personal experience, I’d say, just work and keep on working, there's no other way out. Believe in what you do and the world will follow suit.”

Well said, Dhrishni! Here’s hoping you continue to pursue your dreams and inspire people to do the same!

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