Bitten by the doodle bug

. May 12, 2017 .

What happens when a management graduate from a top B-school in Mumbai decides to embrace her childhood passion for art and craft?  A creative adventure is born!

Janeesha Doshi is a financial advisor by profession, a self-proclaimed foodie, a movie lover and a traveller consumed by wanderlust.  And since she began exploring her childhood love of art, she has also made waves as a doodle artist.

We ask this all-rounder what creating means to her. She says:

“For me, creating means freedom of expression. It is like giving an identity to an idea. The inputs could be as simple as a pen and paper, but the output is priceless.”

The first thing Janeesha remembers creating is a card she made for her parents. Now, she creates doodles for her clients. Each piece of work she creates tells a client’s personal story.

“My venture, Emotions Personalised, is the perfect outlet for my creativity, allowing me to give shape to people's emotions. I believe every person and every relationship has a story. After my day job of nurturing people's money, I enter into the world of art and craft. So what started as a hobby is now a venture.” 

We ask her what she enjoys about this journey into the art world and what keeps her going.

“Doodling is my caffeine and crafting is my meditation, and doing this to make somebody’s occasion extra special, inspires me to make memorable gifts. Personalised gifts touch people’s heart as there is no duplication in them. Also, I am blessed with people who are my fans and critics - their constructive feedback makes me stretch my limits and keeps me going.”

To those hesitant to follow their dreams, she says:

“I feel that there is creativity in everyone in some form or the other. Yes, everybody cannot draw straight lines or perfectly round circles but I believe you must squeeze at least an hour in a week to do what you love. It might be completely different from your profession, but it will be fulfilling and refreshing. Even mistakes make masterpieces. A missing note in music might create a better tune. So one should just trust oneself and take the plunge. Who knows, tomorrow your bathroom singing skills might get you an award or your cooking style can make you the next Masterchef.”

Wow, if that’s not inspiring, we don’t know what is! Janeesha, here’s wishing you the very best. We hope you continue to bring smiles to people with your work!

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