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. August 06, 2017 .

It's Friendship day, and here at HQ, we're sending thanks to the awesome friends we've made along our journey. Our friends, most often our customers, have stuck with us, forgiven our screw-ups, and cheered for our successes. Here's a shout-out to some of our friendliest customers!

Chai and samosas at the end of a tiring day,

Make the delivery team’s blues go away.

Praval and Meera have long been two of our favourite customers. They are all-round jolly souls and a delight to work with. But what we love the most is how nice they are to our delivery team. Our delivery guys are the heroes of our business, and Praval and Meera have always treated them as such. And one day, they won the hearts of our delivery guys by calling them in and offering them chai and samosas. We don't know many people who would do that. We're wowed, Praval and Meera. Thank you!



Once a customer, now a pen-friend for good,

If we could send a big hug your way, we would.

Our association with Kiran started off in the usual way - with a call she made to us about a product. Then, of course, it stopped being ordinary and spiralled into an awesome story. She continued to keep in touch with the customer service folks who had handled her case. The camaraderie is alive and kicking to this day. She writes to us about the things happening in her life, and we write to her about the things happening in our business. Kiran, you make us smile every time we hear from you. Do keep writing!




A box of yummy chocolates made its way from Sweden,

And was pounced upon and swiftly eaten.

Over the years, quite a few people have shown their love for our newsletters. Srini was one amongst them. Every now and then, he'd tweet about a newsletter he liked, and was kind in his praise. Then, he went a step further. While in Sweden, he called us to check how many people worked on the newsletters. A few days later, we received a box of delicious chocolates from Sweden, with enough for our newsletter team and to spare. We were floored by the thoughtful gesture. Thank you Srini!



We were on Twitter one day, and what we saw,

Warmed our hearts and made us go awwww..

We've known Varun for many years now, almost since the time we started in this business. We've had interactions with him beyond count, but there is one that stands out in our memory. We'd had certain issues with our logistics, and there was a delay in the delivery of a product Varun had ordered. He was very patient and understanding about it. A little later, we sent him a note apologising for the delay. He put up our note on Twitter and tweeted this -

"Dosti mein no sorry no thank you.."

Varun, we swear we melted a little when we read that. We're truly glad to count you amongst our dosts!



Who knew that the best reunion we've had yet,

Would be with the friends we'd never met!

A few weeks back, we opened our flagship store. Amidst the general fun of launching a retail store, we had another reason to be excited. Customers who walked into the store were asking to meet the people whom they'd known over email and calls. Some recognized us by our names and came over to strike a conversation with us. It was as heartwarming as meeting long-lost friends. All of you, we were thrilled beyond measure!


For all the names we mentioned here, there are innumerable ones we didn't. We want to thank each of you for believing in us. When we started this exercise, we told ourselves not to get too soppy about it. But here we are, nothing if not a puddle of gooey, fuzzy feelings. From all of us here, a happy, happy Friendship day to you!


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