10 Diwali Gifts Your Loved Ones Would Love

. September 27, 2017 .

Diwali is almost upon us. Soon, gifts will be made, purchased, or recycled from last year’s collection. The confirmed gifters among us will go about spreading sweetness and light. But some of us will face the agony of deciding what gifts to get this time. All the while suspecting that we'll cave and buy mithai boxes, though we promised ourselves we wouldn't. Well, this time is going to be different. These gifting options will leave your folks wondering if you have finally turned over a new leaf!


We’re kicking off the list with an obvious (and yet not-so-obvious) idea - a lamp. Not the Diwali diya kind, which is pretty useless for most of the year, be it ever so cute. Instead, get your loved ones a table lamp or a floor lamp, something that lights up their life everyday. Here are some options!

Essential oils and aroma diffusers

Essential oils have entered the gifting arena rather recently, but boy, are they popular! This is a gift you can’t go wrong with. Make sure you include a assortment of essential oils, to cater to different nasal sensibilities. Get an aroma diffuser to go with them - you can choose between traditional and electric models. 

 Laptop tables

Have friends wedded to their work? They’d appreciate a nifty laptop table that they can park their high-end, powerful laptop on. They’d also like a lightning-speed net connection..just saying. And they'd like to be left undisturbed to conquer the world, thank you very much.


Have a friend who prefers books to people? Bibliophiles are in perpetual need of more bookshelves for their books. Nothing would delight them as a bookshelf would. It might even make them look up from their book and bestow an approving smile on you. Go on, you’ll cement a friendship for life.



The advent of Pinterest and kitsch mandis has given rise to a new strain of human - the stationery lover. Few among us can resist the lure of patterned paper and cutesy little journals. Get your friend a stationery hamper - you’ll either fuel a passion or trigger one. 


People appreciate gifts that they can put to use immediately. Which is what makes a decor hamper such a great gifting idea. Think pretty cushions, table runners or quirky wall art. They’re practically readymade parcels of happiness. And since Diwali spells the advent of winter, carpets and dhurries will make for a thoughtful gift, especially for the older people in your family. Check out our decor gifting options

Home Decor

Bean bags and lounge chairs

Have friends who are setting up a new place? A lounge chair, a beanbag, or its fancier cousin, the pouffe, would make for a charming housewarming gift. These are a favourite with the young, and the young at heart.

Coffee tables

Some of us take our beverages way too seriously. T-shirts, mugs, and everything else in our homes scream our allegiance to our favourite drink. If you’ve got a friend who fits this bill, get them a coffee table or side table to park their drinks on. 

Board Games

Coz who doesn’t love board games! Board games don’t mean just monopoly or scrabble either. This is a flourishing scene, and you’ll find games that entertain your friends and family for countless hours.

Gift cards

Your last refuge, and quite a respectable one at that. If you have a friend who turns up his/her discerning nose at most gifts, this is your safest bet. It is definitely a cut above stuffing a few thousands in an envelope. You can make this more meaningful by choosing the right gift cards. Try our gift cards for size!

Gift Cards


The next time you feel like dashing off to another country until the Diwali hullabaloo is over...squash that unworthy thought. Pick up the list, steel yourself, and get gifting. This is the year you will astound your friends and family with your thoughtful choices. And who knows, you may actually have fun too!


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