Quirky Party Games To Amp Up Your Diwali

. October 05, 2017 .

Diwali is in the air, and there's so much to do! If you’re hosting a Diwali party, make sure you put down some party games on your checklist. Party games liven up any party, and draw the shyest guest out of his shell. This year, forget Spin the Bottle, Musical Chairs and other well-trodden options. We've rounded up unconventional party games you can try instead. These are guaranteed to invite fun and chase away awkward silences.

The Best Bored Game

If you’ve played Cards Against Humanity, you’ll love this Indian version. With random, outrageous questions about Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai, and equally wild answers about Anil Kapoor’s hair, this is a party game that is sure to have your guests in splits. Tell them to have their sense of humour out and ready as they prepare to answer some of the craziest questions ever.   

Cockroach Poker

Surprise your poker-playing guests with this version that has nothing to do with the poker they know. While this one is all about calling someone’s bluff too, you’ve got cards that show cockroaches, rats and other bugs. The cards have revolting, yet superb illustrations of these bugs, and the simplicity of the game is a huge draw.


Pictionary With A Desi Twist

This old classic can have a festive twist by playing to a theme. The game can get harder when a song or the name of a Bollywood flick has to be drawn and guessed. There’s bound to be guffaws as a friend tries to come up with an accurate representation of Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo.


Dumb Charades, The Friends And Family Special

If your party guests are old friends you’ve known forever, or close family, this one is a sure hit. Get teams together, and play a version of dumb charades where real life incidents are acted out. It could be something funny or embarrassing that happened to a friend or cousin. By the end of the game, some folks will surely be wishing they could duck under Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. 

Never Have I Ever

An absolute party favourite, this one never fails to entertain. Hand your guests their shot glasses, and watch the drama unfold they sheepishly drink to things that they’ve done. It is guaranteed to make some jaws drop.

What are some of the most bizarre party games you’ve played? Tell us, we're all ears!

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