Tips To Survive The Festival Season

. October 19, 2017 .

Lights, fireworks, sweets, new clothes, gifts zooming your way, holidays.. there's so much to love about Diwali! But it can also spell W-O-R-K: cleaning and decluttering the house from top to bottom, stressing over keeping it clean, planning for the arrival of guests, making dinner plans, figuring out how to keep your guests entertained..and so on. Here are some tips from us to help you survive this festival season!

Tip #1: Hosting friends or relatives? Whether they're in-laws or outlaws, make room so that no one ends up sleeping on the floor!

Tip #2: The kids will have a riot, especially with friends and cousins around. Give them the space to run free! Invest in slip-resistant carpets and doormats. Put away items that can be easily overturned or broken.

 Tip #3: Where there are too many jostling elbows at the dining table, there are bound to be spills. Grin and bear it. But also, minimize the damage with party-friendly extendable dining tables, and these table runners. 

Tip #4: Got more people than seating? Are impromptu games of musical chairs being played all around your house? Don't fly into a tizzy. Just invest in some nifty beanbags or pouffes. 

Tip #5: Excited kids, over-enthusiastic guests, rich food, gossip... sometimes, it can all get very overwhelming. Don't forget to take a break every now and then, and let yourself recharge. Sneak away, and park yourself outdoors for a quiet cup of coffee early in the morning. 

Tip #6: Can't wait for Diwali to be over? If you're devout of mind, pray for the festival season to be over double-quick! Here is a good place to get started. 

Stay safe, sane and stay happy this Diwali. May this be the year you achieve a stress-free festive season!


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