Types of sofa

Types Of Sofa

. November 30, 2020 .

The living room is the heartbeat of the home. After all, it is the place where you gather as a family, host parties and most importantly, relax after a long day. Since it forms such an important and central part of the home, the furniture accessories and fixtures in the living room leave a lasting impression on family members and guests alike. While setting up the living room, the furniture accessory that attracts everyone’s attention is the sofa set. The comfort, design, style, and features of a sofa are some of the crucial areas one must focus on while deciding on the ideal type of sofa perfect for the home.

Depending on the colour scheme and décor theme of your home, you should choose a sofa style that blends in without appearing out of place. Contemporary, modern, vintage, eclectic, shabby chic and traditional are the different types of sofa styles that are highly popular and can be used creatively to design the layout of the living room. To further elevate the comfort of your sofa set consider placing a few colourful throws and designer cushions that will create a cosy furniture set you will love to lounge around.

To help you in your quest to find the ideal sofa for your living room, we have compiled below different types of sofa suitable for modern and contemporary life:

Fabric Sofa Sets

Fabric is a versatile upholstery material on a sofa set that provides a variety of colours and styles with which you can experiment. A fabric sofa set designed with high-quality fabric materials such as cotton, wool and silk can innately transform the ambience of your room due to its texture. It’s important to note that the texture of the fabric is an essential point to consider while finalising on your desired sofa set. Different fabric textures require different levels of care and maintenance, so choose one that blends in well with your lifestyle and family needs.

Get creative with patterns, neutral shades or bold colours depending on the overall theme of your room. If you have a minimalistic design at home, neutral fabric patterns will be an excellent option. On the other hand, for a home designed with contemporary accessories and fixtures, bold patterns will create a beautiful contrast that will undoubtedly amaze you and your guests.

L Shaped Sofa Sets

The L shaped sofa set is an increasingly trendy and popular furniture set in modern and contemporary homes. The L shape design ensures that empty corners of the room are efficiently utilised, thereby saving precious space. Its informal design and appearance make it a preferred furniture choice for lounging and relaxing in the living room. Moreover, L shaped sofas are also available with the additional benefit of extra storage space which makes it an excellent space-saving furniture design. Since space is a premium in many modern homes and apartments, an L shaped sofa provides a great deal of flexibility and affordability for homeowners.

Besides the classic L shaped sofa set, there are other formats of the L shaped sofa that are popular across the board. One of them is the sectional sofa which provides flexibility as it can be divided up into smaller sections that can be moved around as per the requirements of the space. It is an excellent option to consider if you frequently host guests at home and require additional seating to accommodate everyone comfortably. Also, you can place a few ottomans next to the sectional sofa to create a nice lounge area right in your living room.

The L shaped sofa can be furnished with a variety of materials such as velvet, leather and cotton depending on the lifestyle and décor needs of the home. It is also extremely convenient to frequently change the upholstery of an L shaped sofa in case you want to refresh and update the design pattern on a regular price. With extra space available in the home, you can also move the position of an L shaped sofa to be right in the middle of the living room instead of being perpetually placed in the corner area against the wall. The options for creatively utilising an L shaped sofa is limitless.

Wooden Sofa Sets

Can any sofa set match the grace and sophistication of a classic wooden sofa set? The all-natural and raw beauty of a wooden sofa set piece is not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. It is strong, sturdy, durable, resilient, easy to maintain and can even be passed on the next generation as part of the family heirloom. The warmth and richness of wood uplifts the décor ambience of the room to create a welcoming space for everyone.

Sofa sets crafted out of hardwood, such as mahogany and oak, create a tapestry of beauty with its natural fibres and grains that elevates its charm. Another important feature of wooden sofa sets is that its versatility makes it easy to blend in with any possible décor theme. Be it minimalistic, traditional, contemporary, modern, or industrial, a wooden sofa set can effortlessly gel with any design layout and any area of the home.

Leather sofa sets

Since time immemorial leather has been used on sofa sets to provide a warm and comfortable experience. A leather sofa set is often considered a posh and luxurious furniture option primarily due to its innumerable benefits and advantages. The premium tag associated with a leather sofa set is derived from its resilient quality and durability that makes it last for years with minimal wear and tear. Leather sofa sets are often available in neutral shades that makes it an easy furniture option to work with while designing the interiors of your home.

The classy appearance of a leather sofa set gets better with age. Instead of looking dilapidated and damaged, its rugged and distressed look makes the leather softer and more comfortable to sit on. Experiment with a leather sofa set in your living room and bedroom, and we bet you will love the effect it creates in your home.

Leatherette sofa set

A leatherette sofa set is an excellent option to consider if you prefer an affordable and economical furniture set to design your living space. With the latest technology, the appearance of a leatherette sofa has evolved to mimic a real leather sofa with precision. The low porosity of a leatherette sofa makes it easy to maintain and clean, but it makes for an uncomfortable seating experience, especially during hot summers. The one major advantage of a leatherette sofa is that you can experiment with a variety of colours and design style in comparison to a leather sofa which is available in limited neutral shades.

So, choose a leatherette sofa based on your lifestyle, budget, and home décor needs. Go for a leatherette sofa if you want the premium and luxurious look of a leather sofa at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for home or office workspace, a leatherette sofa is a brilliant furniture set perfect for regular use.


Crammed for space in your home? Get creative and place a cosy loveseat for two in the corner of your tiny room. Perfect for modern apartments where space is a premium, a loveseat’s compact design creates an element of solace and beauty. It is the ideal accent furniture accessory that is available in myriad colours, designs, and styles to suit the décor theme of your home.

Besides its space-saving feature, a loveseat sofa offers flexibility due to its miniature design. Move it around wherever and whenever you please without worrying about space constraints. Go for bold colours and patterns that will enliven the mood of the room and provide you with a nest of comfort at the end of a long day. You can never go wrong with a loveseat design as it works as an excellent furniture option for all practical purposes and all décor themes.


The dual benefits of a futon which provides the ease and comfort of both bed and a sofa makes it a highly desirable furniture accessory. It offers a creative way to save on space and money as it delivers the benefit of two furniture pieces rolled into one. The versatility, flexibility and functionality of futons cannot be overstated as it can be used in multiple ways to suit your lifestyle and décor needs. It is an excellent option if you frequently host guests at home and need a comfortable and economical furniture option to ensure your guests are accommodated well.

Available in a variety of sizes, colours, materials and frames, a futon is a great option to consider if you live in a modern urban space. Moreover, it requires minimal effort for care and maintenance and is extremely convenient to move around.


Love traditional designs that offer the practical benefits of a sofa? Consider a classic diwan sofa furniture that beautifully combines old-style design structure with a comfortable seating layout. A diwan piece works as a magnificent furniture set in the living room, especially when space is limited. With its stylish design, it provides the dual benefit of a bed and sofa. Consider placing stylish and elegant bolster pillows in varied colours to elevate the ambience of the diwan further, and create a place of cosy comfort for everyone.

Though divans are highly compatible with a traditional Indian décor theme, it can also be mixed and matched with modern and contemporary themes to create a visually contrasting space. Also, divans often come with extra storage space at the base, which is an additional benefit if you have limited space to spare. Available in various colours, materials and patterns a divan sofa is a splendid and stunning piece of furniture you will love to own as a daybed too.

Sofa cum bed

When it comes to combining innovation and functionality, the sofa cum bed rules the roost in the world of furniture design. Apt for rooms that lack generous space to spare, a sofa cum bed is a great pocket-friendly option for the home. Its multi-utility design has made it a hot favourite among urban apartment dwellers who want to combine the comfort of a bed with the practical everyday benefits of a sofa set. If you love hosting guests at home, consider a smart click clack sofa bed furniture set that will ensure your guests have a comfortable place to rest without taking extra space.

Besides its dual-purpose design, a sofa bed also offers storage space for stashing away household goods and items. The additional storage area is a major feature that ensures that space is efficiently utilised for accommodating all the various needs of the home. Experiment with a host of patterns, colours and styles based on the overarching theme of your home.

Recliner sofa

As our lifestyles get more hectic and stressed, we need furniture that is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and relief. A recliner sofa is one such furniture accessory that is designed to support the back, neck, and legs in the best possible manner. Its compact design and padded cushions make it a perfect sofa set to unwind on after a tiring day. Moreover, it is a suitable option for space-saving purposes, and the adjustable backrest and footrest make it ideal for rest and relaxation.

With its mechanical levers that smoothly operate the back recliner and footrest, it is an extremely convenient option for people with mobility issues. The aesthetic appeal of a recliner sofa set also makes it a sought-after furniture accessory among the urban crowd. Moreover, it does not require much effort to clean and maintain and often last for years, depending on the material used for its upholstery.

Tuxedo sofa

A tuxedo sofa is the ultimate modern sofa design that is sleek and visually balanced with a formal appeal. The high back and arms of a tuxedo sofa gives it a sophisticated and posh appearance, thereby making it a brilliant furniture set for contemporary and modern homes. It has a rectangular design with the high back and arms of the sofa being equal in height which gives it a clean and streamlined look.

Tuxedo sofa works well in small spaces too and can be a signature piece of the living room. Its minimalistic design, thin cushions and sturdy arms make a tuxedo sofa a great fit for homes that have an air of quiet decorum and formality. Perfect for apartment spaces in urban centres, a tuxedo sofa set would be a great addition to your home furniture. Choose among a variety of colours and fabrics to select the one that will add a layer of old-world charm and glamour to your space.

Tufted sofa

If you prefer the use of geometric patterns and designs on your sofa, then a tufted sofa is the right option to consider. Its swanky and classy layout that is created by clasping buttons or stones to the upholstery fabric makes it unique among all furniture designs. The rich details on a tufted sofa coupled with the strong cushioning at the back makes it a comfortable furniture set to place in your living room.

Get creative with leather, velvet or cotton fabric upholstery on a tufted sofa and experiment with a wide range of colours that will best suit the décor of your home. Due to the level of details present on a tufted sofa, it is important to take extra caution and care in maintaining it. Moreover, depending on the type of fabric used on the sofa, the kind of maintenance should differ accordingly. Consider sofas such as Chesterfield tufted leather sofa for your living room if you desire a premium décor ambience in your living room.

Sofa styles by sizes

When it comes to selecting the right sofa size for your home, the size of the available space plays a crucial role. Whether it’s an urban apartment or an independent bungalow, a sofa set that makes efficient use of available space brings in a sense of visual harmony and balance to the room. Consider the below-mentioned types of sofa sizes ideal for your home:

  • Single seater sofa

    Single seater sofas work as a splendid option for nooks and corners in the house that are often left empty. Spruce up empty spaces by placing a single-seater accent chair in bold shades and hues. Try placing a gorgeous standing lamp next to it and voila you have your own private space for reading and relaxation. Single seater sofas in unique patterns and designs along with matching ottomans can also be placed in the living room to create a lively and comforting space.
  • Two-seater sofa

    Two-seater sofas or loveseats look stunning, especially in small spaces. If you lack generous space in your home, consider placing cushy loveseats for two in the corner of your living room. In terms of colours and patterns, both bold and neutral shades work well on two-seater sofas.
  • Three-seater sofas

    If you have slightly larger space, then consider accommodating a three-seater sofa that would increase the comfort factor for everyone. With more space and padded cushioning, a three-seater sofa will be a unique addition to your home. Explore styles such as modern, contemporary, minimalist, mid-century and industrial that work beautifully on a three-seater sofa set.
  • Multi seater sofa

    Multi seater sofa provides a comprehensive seating arrangement for the living room. When a range of sofa sizes designed with the same style and pattern are put together in the living room, it brings in a sense of wholeness to the living room. Ideal for hosting guests and entertaining friends and family, a multi-seater sofa is an investment worth considering.

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