Types Of bed

Types Of Bed

. December 14, 2020 .

What furniture piece comes to your mind when you want to unwind and relax? It’s the cushy bed, of course. The bed is the ultimate comfort furniture where we spend nearly a third of our lives asleep. Since it plays such a central and important role in our lives, it’s important to choose premium and top-notch beds that have a positive impact on our quality of life. Depending on your lifestyle and décor needs, each type of bed provides unique benefits that can fit in seamlessly with your requirements.

In terms of size, the types of bed sizes include king-size, queen size, double and single beds, with each serving a different purpose. If you have a lot of space in your bedroom, a regal king-size bed is a brilliant choice to elevate the décor ambience. For slightly smaller spaces such as your guest bedroom, queen-size and double or single beds are the appropriate choice. When made from materials such as wood and material, the bed transforms the mood of the room and makes it more appealing and inviting. With wood and metal beds, you can tinker around with a host of décor themes such as minimalistic, modern, industrial, and contemporary that will certainly enliven your space.

Based on the functionality you are looking for, you can find different types of bed furniture available online that are suitable for the modern urban home. Innovative and space-saving furniture solutions are high in demand as space is often a premium in today’s modern-day lifestyle. Beds, such as sofa cum beds, beds with storage, and bunk beds for kids, provide a creative way to maximise space and increase storage options. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled below a list of the most popular types of bed that will be excellent for your home depending on your theme and space requirements.

Latest and Trending types of Bed

Beds are not far behind when it comes to incorporating the latest trends, technologies, and designs in their structure. Check out the myriad range of beds available online at Urban Ladder:

  • Beds with storage

    Don’t we all love having that extra storage space to stash goods that we don’t want visible? Bed with storage options are fun and creative and provide the option of keeping certain household items safely hidden from view. By utilising the space underneath the bed, a storage bed can be efficiently used to store items, such as extra bed linens, blankets, comforters, pillowcases, among others, thereby reducing clutter in your home.
    For a large bedroom, a king size bed with storage will be a fantastic choice. However, if space is limited, consider a double bed with storage or a single bed with storage for areas such as the guest room. Explore bed furniture designs that correlate well with décor themes such as shabby chic, rustic and industrial for a modern apartment space. Off late, these design themes have been gaining popularity due to its offbeat and unique vibe.
  • Beds without storage

    If you prefer having a clear and open space right underneath your bed, then a bed without storage such as a double bed without storage is the right furniture piece for you. Space under the bed gives you the option to keep the area underneath clean and well-maintained. Often, a lot of dust and grime gets accumulated under the bed, which can be avoided if you place beds without storage in your bedroom. Also, you can use the space under the bed to place stylish jute storage boxes to store your household goods safely. It also makes it easier to clean the area underneath while still making efficient use of extra available space.
    Beds without storage can also vary depending on the size of the bed. A magnificent king size bed without storage can make the bedroom space look luxurious by creating a space of old school glamour. A queen size bed without storage is perfect for a small family that doesn’t require much space. For more constricted spaces, a single bed without storage is ideal to set up the bedroom.
  • Double bed

    Save on floor space and get a stylish double bed design for your bedroom. Ideal for people who want extra legroom to sleep without compromising on space, a double bed is an excellent furniture piece. With a double bed design, latest trends incorporated in the structure makes it easy to stretch out comfortably and relax with ease. It is the perfect furniture option for those who live on their own and even for young couples who live in apartment spaces.
    With online shopping on the rise, it’s incredibly convenient to get your desired double bed online. Filter your requirements such as material, finish, and double bed price and voila, you have your dream furniture piece right in front of you without even stepping out of your house. Urban Ladder’s online collection of double beds will inspire you with all the ideas you need to set up your cosy bedroom space.
  • King Size Bed

    Think extravagant, majestic, and luxurious, and we bet you thought of the quintessential king size bed. The charm of a king bed in the bedroom is undeniable and attention-grabbing. The imposing presence of a king size bed design as the focal point of the room will undoubtedly blow you away.
    If you have a large family, a king size bed with storage is a worthy investment. Cuddle with your loved ones (and pets!) comfortably on a large bed that gives you all the space you need. With the additional benefit of storage, you get the opportunity to maximise your bedroom area efficiently. A standard king size bed dimension of 72 inches X 78 inches is perfect for Indian homes. Play around with different décor ideas in your large bedroom and incorporate a range of colours and motifs that will make your bedroom look lively and warm.
  • Queen size bed

    As compared to king-size beds, a queen size bed. is smaller but is enough to accommodate multiple individuals comfortably. A queen bed provides enough space to stretch and roll over with ease, especially when you have a sleeping partner next to you. It’s an excellent furniture choice for small families and young couples who need just the right amount of space to get uninterrupted sleep.
    By considering a queen size bed with storage option for your bedroom, you get the extra benefit of additional space that allows you to safely put away items that you may occasionally need, such as bed sheets, duvets, bed covers and curtains. In terms of measurements, a standard queen size bed dimension is approximately 60 inches X 78 inches. If you consider the queen size bed dimensions in feet, it will roughly translate to 5 ft X 6.5 ft in measurements. Do check the dimensions of your bedroom before selecting the appropriate queen size bed.
  • Single Bed

    Ideal for individuals who live on their own, a single bed is a popular and economical furniture option that offers endless benefits. If you’re short on space, a single bed design allows enough area to experiment with furniture items, such as single sofa sets, chest of drawers or an accent chair in your room. A single bed is also highly flexible as it can be moved around with ease, especially when you get bored of seeing it stationed at the same place for months.
    For those who live with families, purchasing a single bed online for the guest room is an excellent way to accommodate overnight guests and family members who may desire their own space to sleep comfortably. Place a memory foam or spring single bed mattress atop your single bed to create a pleasant sleeping experience at night. With Urban Ladder’s catalogue of single bed furniture available at a reasonable single bed price, you will have a world of options from which to choose.
  • Hydraulic Beds

    As beds dominate the entire space in the bedroom, beds with storage capabilities such as hydraulic beds provide the benefit of additional space to store things safely. The major advantage of a hydraulic bed design is that the storage space underneath the bed platform is in exact accordance with the width and length of the bed. The extra space in the hydraulic storage bed is akin to having an additional cupboard in the bedroom. With a simple pull handle, you can lift the bed along with the mattress to keep all your household items stored in an orderly manner. The hydraulic bed lift design is the unique mechanical element of this furniture piece that makes it different from other beds with sliding storage drawers and boxes underneath. For larger bedrooms, a king size bed with hydraulic storage works out well and can also be placed in combination with other décor items such as side tables, lamps, and accent chairs to create a tranquil space.
  • Upholstered Bed

    A stylish and classy upholstered bed looks divine in the bedroom. With a designer headboard attached to the bed frame, an upholstered bed design provides a high level of comfort due to its cushy design. Moreover, the upholstery on the bed makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain the bed for years. For smaller spaces, an upholstered bed with storage is an excellent piece of furniture to maximise space to the best possible extent. If you’re looking for the best upholstered bed, India’s online marketplace is one of the ideal places to explore your options.
    We highly recommend a king size upholstered bed as the glamorous tufted design at the back looks gorgeous on a bed with that size. If you have the space to accommodate one, then do consider it for your bedroom. Place a few colourful cushions and designer pillowcases to make the bedroom look vibrant and welcoming.
  • Four poster bed

    A grand and luxurious four poster bed can truly make you feel like royalty right in your bedroom. Its traditional design has been used over centuries and carries with it an air of grace and sophistication that is unmatched. Typically made of hardwood, a 4-poster bed is quite overwhelming in its size and scale. Its grandeur is further elevated when poster bed curtains are draped over it to create a safe and secure space for resting comfortably.
    With its heavy structure, a poster bed may be a tad bit difficult to move around frequently. However, its imposing frame provides enough space to work around with creative ideas. Experiment with a range of curtain materials such as lace, cotton and silk and place a few elegant cushions or bolster pillows to further enhance the beauty of the poster bed design. Even without additional décor furniture and accessories, a magnificent poster bed can still make a bedroom look fantastic.
  • Trundle Bed

    Looking for a modular bed that provides the benefit of two beds rolled into one? Then consider a trundle bed which is basically a multi-level bed with wheels attached to the lower bed. Its compact structure makes a single bed with trundle an ideal piece of furniture for small spaces such as the guest room and kids’ room. Perfect for hosting guests, it can transform itself from being a single bed by day to a double bed by night.
    A bunk bed with trundle is great for kids’ sleepovers parties as it creates enough space to accommodate at least three kids comfortably without taking up additional space in the bedroom. Kids trundle beds are an excellent idea to explore if their bedroom has limited space. If you’re keen on effectively managing the limited storage in your bedroom, a trundle bed with storage drawers will give you the additional space you need to store your items in an organised manner.
  • Bunk Bed

    When floor space is precious, a bunk bed is a good alternative to explore for the bedroom. An excellent furniture option for kids, teenagers, and adults alike; bunk bed design is a creative way to organise your space. The vertical design of bunk beds for kids gives them ample opportunity to ignite their imagination and provide them with a creative space to explore their ideas. Available in myriad colours and designs, a bunk bed for girls and boys can also be structured in a way that reflects the unique personality traits and preferences of the user.
    Besides young kids, adult bunk beds are also gaining popularity due to its space-saving design structure. It’s a fantastic furniture piece for those who love hosting guests frequently at home. Besides being an economical option, it can also be used as a good storage option by utilising the space under the lower bed for storing various items.
  • <h3style="text-align: justify;">Platform Bed
    Modern and contemporary platform beds are gaining popularity due to its clean fuss-free design that is closer to the floor as compared to traditional beds. The low height of a platform bed frame makes it a sturdy furniture piece that doesn’t creak or move when you roll over from side to side. For those who struggle with back pain, a platform bed design provides the ideal flat surface for memory foam mattresses that are intended to alleviate back pain.
    A low platform bed adds to the visual and aesthetic appeal of the bedroom by making the space look roomy and spacious as it’s closer to the ground. Moreover, the space underneath the bed can be used to store bulky items such as blankets and duvets you may not use frequently. A platform bed with storage is an excellent option to explore if maximising limited space is high on your list of requirements.
    In addition to traditional beds, the newest trend is to have a few pieces of transformational furniture floating around your home that can easily convert into a bed in an instant. These are:
  • <h3style="text-align: justify;">Sofa cum bed
    Move over traditional sofas. A sofa cum bed is all the rage in modern and contemporary homes. Known for its innovative design that seamlessly converts a sofa into a comfortable bed, a sofa cum bed is perfect for small apartment spaces. A sofa bed is a multipurpose and multi-functional furniture option that can instantly improve the décor mood and ambience of the room. The trendy and elegant of a sofa come bed design makes it ideal for hosting guests at home, especially when there’s a space crunch in the house. A sofa cum bed design creatively combines both functionality and style to provide an excellent furniture solution that can be used for a variety of purposes, right from seating to power naps to a relaxed 8-hour sleep at night.
    With myriad options available within the category of sofacum bed, Urban Ladder is the platform to consider if you’re planning to purchase one for your home. We promise you will love it.
  • Futon

    For those who love minimalist designs, a futon bed is a brilliant piece of furniture for your bedroom or living area. A futon bed, meaning rooted in Japanese culture, has a low base and solid flat structure and is hugely beneficial when it comes to maintaining the health of the spine and managing back pain. Moreover, a futon also makes for a safe furniture option for young kids who sleep independently by preventing any serious damage in case they roll over by accident.
    A traditional Japanese futon bed is a flexible and versatile option that can be moved conveniently between rooms due to its lightweight structure. Moreover, the mattresses used on futon beds are low maintenance and are quite portable as well. For the living room, a futon sofa bed provides the dual benefit of a sofa and a comfortable daybed or night bed, thereby saving up on space that could have been wasted on extra furniture pieces.
  • Kids bed

    When it comes to furniture for kids, there are many important functional and design elements that need to be kept in mind. Attractive and colourful designs coupled with high safety standards, are extremely crucial while finalising a kids’ bed for their bedroom area. For a kid’s double bed, an ideal design would be sturdy in structure with smooth edges and sufficient storage space to store toys and books. Your child requires space in their bedroom to move around and play, and furniture, such as a bunk bed for kids is a fantastic choice to consider.
    For slightly younger kids, a good kid’s bed design which incorporates cartoon characters, shapes or objects is trendy. A car bed for kids, for example, is a great furniture option that will certainly put their imagination into overdrive. Urban Ladder’s online store has plenty of artistic and ingenious bed furniture that kids will certainly enjoy having in their room.

With a plethora of bed designs based on size, storage and age requirements, choosing the right kind of beds for your lifestyle need not be a difficult task anymore. Furniture designs have evolved over the years to accommodate tailored and specific requirements of individuals. Bed designs are also structured in a way that innovatively fuses both functionality and style to provide modern furniture décor solutions. Explore and experiment with ideas by choosing designs that best reflect your personal quirks and traits. Even a playful mix and match of accessories and colours in the bedroom play a massive role in elevating the glam quotient of the room and making it more appealing.

One of the major benefits of online shopping is that it provides a digital lookbook experience that can help you visualise your space clearly and vividly. Consider Urban Ladder where everything from wooden bed design to metal bed design is now available at an affordable bed price that you just cannot ignore. The convenience of online shopping, coupled with ease of payment and prompt customer service, makes it the right platform for all your furniture needs.

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