Best Bed Sheets For Your Mattress In 2022

. March 21, 2022 .

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for overall good health and also a good mood Not only does it benefit our physical health, but is also extremely important for our mental well-being. A crucial element to good sleep is an ambient room with a comfortable bed,  and what makes a bed more comfortable – the perfect bedsheet.

Good quality bedsheets are soft, durable and don’t trap body heat. When we sleep, our bodies give out heat and if the wrong type of bed linen is chosen, it can make for a really uncomfortable night of sleep.

When shopping for the best bedsheet for your home, you should consider factors like your budget, fibre type, size, and weave. A lot of brands stress on the thread count although that is not all that important. It is the manufacturing technique that allows them to produce bedsheets of higher thread count, but that does not mean they are of superior quality.

Fibre content is very important and 100% cotton bed sheets are the most comfortable as they are soft, durable, and inexpensive. If you want a premium feel and are willing to spend a little more, choose bed sheets that are made of ELS (Extra Long Staple) cotton like Pima or Egyptian. They are extremely soft and are very long-lasting. Another common blend is cotton/polyester, which has a somewhat synthetic feel but is inexpensive, durable, and does not get wrinkled easily.

Looking to buy bedsheets for your home? Don’t worry, it's a lot easier than having to go store to store looking for the right sheets. Go to Urban Ladder and you can find thousands of options with just a few clicks. You can choose from some of the best quality bed sheets which are durable and look great in your home too. They will elevate the look and feel of your room while also providing you with maximum comfort for a good night’s sleep, all at affordable prices.

Our Top Picks In The Best Bed Sheets And Sheets Sets Category

The bedroom is one of the most important, and most loved rooms in the house. It is where we spend the maximum amount of time, and the place where we go when we want to relax, heal, unwind and reset. It is all these reasons that make it special and worthy of extra attention, especially when it comes to decorating it. Every small detail makes a difference, so choosing the right bed linen is of great importance.

A bedsheet that looks beautiful and is of good quality, instantly makes the room more welcoming. Bold colours and exquisite patterns can also make your bed a statement piece in the room.  A good reason to spend slightly more on premium bed sheets is the durability and longevity that they offer. Cheap and low-quality bed linen fades with time and their softness also gets compromised with every wash. Whereas buying premium bed sheets is like a long term good investment.

If you are looking to buy bedsheets online, you can take a look at Urban Ladder’s collection of premium bed linen and choose what you like from a wide range of bedsheets in various colours, patterns and sizes.

King Size Bed Sheet

A king size mattress is the largest that is available in the market. It is perfect for couples who have big rooms and prefer extra space around them while they sleep. It is also great for parents who have children or pets sleeping with them. It is interesting to note that studies have proven that couples who sleep on larger beds sleep more comfortably. 

Dress up your mattress with any of these top-rated king size bed sheets:

  • Madeline Bed Sheet

    A popular pick and a fast-selling item is the Madeline bed sheet. Available in king size, its dimensions are 230x250 cm. Featuring a woven design, this bed sheet is made of cotton. The set includes two pillow covers as well. Manufactured in India by the brand Klotthe, the Madeline bed sheet is available in vibrant colours, helping turn your bed into a statement piece.
  • Anne Bed Sheet

    Another great piece in the collection of king size bed sheets is the Anne bed sheet. It is multi-coloured and is available for double and single beds as well. The abstract pattern has a striking visual appeal and adds a refreshing touch to your bedroom. It is made of cotton which helps release the heat expended by our body when we sleep. Manufactured by Swayam, the Anne bed sheet is part of their Veda Collection.
  • Eva Bed Sheet

    Another beautiful bedding set by the brand Klotthe is the Eva bed sheet, it has a modern and appealing pattern you can’t miss. It is available in king size with product dimensions of 230x260 cm. Choose from various colours to match the tone and décor of your room. A comfortable night’s sleep is ensured by this premium cotton bed sheet that is made in India.

Queen Size Bed Sheet

A queen size mattress can be used either by two people, or a single person who likes a spacious bed. It is great for couples who do not want their room to look cramped because of  a king bed. It leaves enough walking space around the bed, while also being comfortable and spacious for two people. It is the most popular choice of bed, and is commonly seen in most households. Some of our top-picks for queen size bed sheets are as follows:

  • Kumud Bed Sheet

    A single tone cotton bed sheet, the Kumud bed sheet is simple, elegant, and classy. It is one of the most premium bedsheets available in solid colours which brings a sense of peace and calm. It helps relax your eyes and mind, which aids in achieving a good night’s sleep.
    Made in India, this bedsheet is durable and it is a great investment for your bedroom. The colour and material promise longevity, and it comes with matching pillow covers to complete the set. The dimensions of this bed sheet are 10x274x279 cm and it can be washed in the machine with a mild detergent and lukewarm water.
  • Mrittika Bed Sheet

    The Mrittika bedding set comprises a bed sheet and two pillow covers in beautiful colours like beige and grey. These shades will enhance the feeling of calm and peace in your bedroom and will help you wind down peacefully at night.
    These colours are also easy to match with any type of décor in your room as they look good with both contrasting and complementing shades. The colours are long-lasting and the material is soft and durable. It is made in India by the brand “By House This” and is a great buy for your double bed.
  • Akasa Bed Sheet

    The Akasa bed sheet comes in a beautiful blue colour which will remind you of your holiday at the beach. It can blend in beautifully in a room that has minimum décor and pastel shades, as well as a room that has statement pieces as décor. It is made of cotton and makes for a very comfortable night of sleep.
    The dimensions of this bedsheet are 10x274x229 cm and it is made in India. Caring for this bed sheet is easy as it can be washed in the machine with a mild detergent and lukewarm water; air-drying the sheet will help to prevent wrinkles.

Single Size Bed Sheet

A single size mattress is an excellent choice for smaller rooms. It can be used in children’s rooms or even for an adult who prefers a smaller bed.  The good news is, a standard single bed can accommodate two medium-sized people. You can also buy a bed with storage to save space, while adding additional storage to your room. Some of top-rated single bed sheets are as follows:

  • Channing Bed Sheet

    A single bedsheet made of good quality cotton, the Channing bed sheet has a pleasing pattern and warm colours. These add a refreshing touch to your room and make it appear livelier.
    If you have light coloured walls, the Channing bed sheet is a good option to liven up your walls. It is from the brand Klotthe and is durable, comfortable and comes with matching pillow covers as well. The dimensions of this bed sheet are 225x250cm.
  • Caleb Bed Sheet

    The Caleb bed sheet is a cotton bed sheet made in India with dimensions being 150x225 cm. It is available in a bright pink colour with circular patterns and can brighten up any space instantly. It is also a great option for children’s rooms as kids love bright colours around them.
    The quality of this bed sheet is premium and all the products at Urban Ladder go through stringent quality checks. So not only is this product stylish and beautiful, but it is also of excellent quality.
  • Hannah Bed Sheet

    The Hannah bed sheet has dimensions of 150x225cm and is made of premium cotton. It is a patterned single bed sheet and has a subtle elegance and visual appeal to it.
    The striped design will blend well with the décor of most rooms. It is also by the brand Klotthe which is well-loved by customers due to the longevity of their products. This is a product that will surely be loved by you and your family.

Points To Consider Before Buying Bedsheet For You And Your Mattress

A bed sheet is an essential item in our homes. And as common as it is, it is important to choose the right bed sheets for your beds, as it affects the quality of sleep and in turn our mental and physical well-being. It is always a good idea to pay attention to detail, and spend those extra few minutes before you make a purchase.

Some factors to consider before choosing the best bedsheet for your home are as follows:

  • The fabric of the bed sheet is the most crucial factor as it should be soft, durable, and breathable. 100% cotton bed sheets are the best as they help to keep our bodies cool by not trapping the heat expended by our bodies when we sleep. Some premium quality bed sheets are made of ELS (Extra Long Staple) cotton, like Pima or Egyptian. Although these can be slightly expensive, they are a long-term investment as they are extremely soft and very durable.
  • It is always advisable to check the dimensions of bed sheets before making a purchase. The size chart is easily available when making an online purchase and it is smart to match it with the size of your mattress. Also, keep in mind that the sheets may shrink after washing so make it a point to check your bed’s size before making a purchase.
  • Weaves and thread count – there are two types of weaves on a bed sheet- parcel and sateen. Parcel weave is grid-like and is light and crispy to touch whereas sateen is silky smooth.
  • Design and colour – consider the design and colour of your bed sheet as it should ideally match with the décor of your room.

Apart from this, your budget, warranty, and return policy are also some other factors to keep in mind when shopping for bed sheets.


  • Q. How to maintain bed sheets?

    You can wash your bed sheets in the machine separately with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Air-dry the sheets to reduce wrinkles and store them neatly in a cool dry place after folding them. Delicate materials may need specific detergents. Bleach should be avoided as it damages the fabric.
  • Q.How often should people wash bed sheets?

    Bed sheets, if used properly, and along with a bed cover, can easily last a couple of days before washing. Try adding other bed sheets to the rotation as frequent washing can cause the sheets to get damaged quicker and fade the colour faster.
  • Q. How can I check the quality of a bedsheet?

    When shopping for bed sheets, one of the first things you should look at is the weave and the thread count. Usually, a higher thread count means a softer sheet. You should also check for the dimensions and the material used to make the sheet.

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