The Best PC Gaming Chairs for 2022

. March 21, 2022 .

Gaming chairs are highly specialised chairs created with gamers' demands and convenience in mind. Because gaming typically necessitates long periods of sitting, the makers of these chairs consider how gamers sit, move, and what they require most from their chairs. These chairs give you support and comfort, so you can settle in for long hours. The right gaming chair can make the difference between a relaxing gaming experience and a back-breaking one. Invest in the best gaming chair you can find, and you’ll see that your gaming experience just got way better.

Despite their name, gaming chairs are also great for everyday use. All of their benefits apply whether you work in an office, work from home and want to improve your current environment, or just simply require extra support when seated.

Features like ergonomic cushioning, taller backrests, winged shoulder support, spinal support padding, and movable armrests help support the body in the best possible manner and help avoid stress and strains. So choosing a comfortable gaming chair is all about ensuring the safety of your most valuable possession; your body. With the increasing popularity of gaming chairs in India, you have plenty of fabulous options to choose from. But, with so many alternatives to choose from, finding the best chair for you can be tricky.

You can shop for high-quality gaming chairs online from Urban Ladder and make your gaming experience better than ever before. With our reasonable gaming chair prices, you can bring home your favourite chair without straining your budget. Ready to buy a gaming chair online? This guide is designed to make your shopping decision a little easier.

Our top picks of the best gaming chair

If you’re on a quest to find the best gaming chair in India, you’ve arrived at the right place.  At Urban Ladder, you can choose from an incredible range of gaming chairs designed to make your game nights more comfortable and fun. Here’s a look at the best gaming chairs available at our online store.

Durwin Gaming Chair

Durwin Gaming Chair, manufactured by Adiko Systems, is one of the best high back gaming chairs available at Urban Ladder. Gaming chairs are made for optimal comfort, whether you're a beginner or a pro. This gaming chair is no different and keeps you comfortable while you're racing around a tough corner or battling adversaries. It’s tall, expansive backrest ensures your spine is supported all along its length. The curvature of the backrest is just right too, supporting the natural alignment of your spine. A keyhole design enhances breathability around the neck region so you don’t break into a sweat. Ergonomically placed armrests give your elbows and arms the support and comfort they need, so you can stay clear of the aches and pains that With this stunning blue gaming chair, you can also add to the visual value of your gaming or multimedia setup. It's also a great option for non-gaming folks who spend a lot of time in front of screens and require extra features like winged shoulders, a head and neck rest, and customizable back support.

Teree Gaming Chair

The next addition to our list of the best gaming chairs online is a stunner. High on style and comfort, this gaming chair from Adiko Systems features top-of-the-line features and superior build quality. Your gaming sessions don’t have to be boring affairs anymore, thanks to this classy gaming chair that provides your back with ample support.

This gaming chair from Adiko Systems offers a padded seat and back for increased comfort. The back and seat of the chair are created with a beautiful mix of red mesh fabric and black leatherette. A nylon base and nylon wheels are featured on this robust and elegant gaming chair. A gas lift mechanism and a multi-point tilt locking system are also included in the Teree Gaming Chair, allowing for easy movement and customization. The adjustable nylon armrests offer an extra layer of comfort through long gaming sessions. Buy the Teree gaming chair online from Urban Ladder and give your back and neck optimal comfort while gaming.

Chele Gaming Chair

This gaming chair by Adiko Systems has a padded seat and back for added comfort. The chair's back and seat are fashioned from a mix of maroon mesh fabric and black leatherette. The adjustable nylon armrests add another degree of comfort and make long gaming sessions more enjoyable. The Chele Gaming Chair also boasts a gas lift mechanism along with a multi-point tilt locking system that allows for easy movement and customization. The sturdy and stylish gaming chair features a nylon base along with nylon wheels.

Add a pop of colour to your room with this vibrant gaming chair that scores high on style and ergonomics. As a matter of fact, this gaming chair from Adiko Systems is amongst our most ergonomic gaming chairs and offers unparalleled comfort and support. Your gaming sessions don’t have to be an uncomfortable experience with this high-quality gaming chair. With easy assembly and a 6 months warranty, your experience shopping for gaming chairs online from Urban Ladder will be as pleasant as you can imagine.

Gerika Gaming Chair

Looking to add a dash of bright hues to your gaming setup? The Gerika gaming chair from Adiko Systems will do the trick and then some! Featuring a stunning combination of orange and black, this trendy gaming chair is a worthy addition to your space. Boasting a high-quality build and a stellar design that allows for a relaxed gaming experience, this gaming chair is truly one-of-a-kind. Buy this adjustable gaming chair online from Urban Ladder at a great price and put together a gaming space that can rival the very best!

The chair's back and seat are made of a lovely blend of orange mesh fabric and black leatherette. This gaming chair from Adiko Systems has a padded seat and back for enhanced comfort. The Gerika Gaming Chair also features a gas lift mechanism and a multi-point tilt locking system for easy mobility and customisation. This sturdy and beautiful gaming chair has a nylon base and nylon wheels. The adjustable nylon armrests add a layer of comfort to long gaming sessions, making them more relaxing.

Butler Gaming Chair

Give a cool twist to your gaming space with the addition of the spunky and unique Butler gaming chair. With a design on the back featuring everyone’s favourite caped crusader, this gaming chair is quite the stunner. But it isn’t just all about the looks. With a durable build and plenty of options to customize the height and angle of the chair as per your convenience, this is one gaming chair you wouldn’t want to get out of.

This gaming chair from Adiko systems offers a padded seat and back for increased comfort. For ease of mobility and personalization, the Butler gaming chair also has a gas lift mechanism and a multi-point tilt locking system. The back and seat of the chair feature a beautiful mix of red mesh fabric and black leatherette. The base and wheels of this durable and attractive gaming chair are made of nylon. Long gaming sessions become more fun and pleasant with the addition of movable nylon armrests. Get your hands on this stunning fabric gaming chair online at Urban Ladder and bring home a gaming chair that’ll allow you to play your favourite games in absolute comfort.

How to choose the perfect gaming chair for yourself

No two gamers are the same. From the type of games they like playing to the gaming chair they prefer, each little element defines the overall personality of a gamer. When choosing the perfect gaming chair, you need to be aware of various factors that can impact your gaming experience. Here’s a look at the factors you need to consider when choosing the best gaming chair for yourself.

  • Ergonomics

When it comes to gaming seats, comfort is number one: you don't want your back and neck stiffening up in the midst of a long game. You'll also want features in the chair that keep you from developing chronic pain. This is where ergonomics comes into play. Ergonomics is a design concept that takes human physiology and psychology into consideration when creating products. An ergonomic gaming chair is one that is designed to increase the player's efficiency and productivity.

An ergonomically designed gaming chair also assists in keeping proper posture, supporting motions, decreasing back discomfort, and boosting game reaction speeds. Adjustable armrests, back support padding, and headrests are just a few of the ergonomic features found on most gaming chairs. These components aid in maintaining proper posture and optimum comfort.

  • Build Quality

Because gaming chairs are costly, build quality is a crucial factor in your purchase decision. You don't want to have to replace your gaming chair every year. You don't want to waste money on a chair that breaks or becomes unbearably uncomfortable after a little use. The more solidly built your gaming chair is, the longer you can go without having to revisit this decision. The frame is a great indicator of build quality. High-quality frames are usually made of metal, most likely strong steel. Wooden and plastic frames are less likely to last a long time.

You should also inspect the filler inside the cushion; poor fillers will cause your cushion to flatten quickly. If you want a high-quality gaming chair with padding that won't go flat after a few months, opt for mould shaping or cold foam.

  • Armrest

Armrests are a must-have accessory for PC gamers. To correctly bolster your lower arms and wrists, you'll require strong, ergonomic wrist support. This will help make your response times quicker and consequently improve your gaming abilities. The best armrests are adjustable armrests that may be customised to suit your body and height. You want to be able to adjust them so that your shoulders are cushioned and your elbows are at a comfortable angle. At the very least, armrests should be height adjustable. They should also be width adjustable so you can get more wriggle room when you need it.

Most PC gaming chairs come with armrests, however not all console gaming chairs do. That's fine because if you're looking for a console gaming chair, you won't be using a keyboard and mouse, so arm support isn't as important. 

Keep the above factors in mind and you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect gaming chair. At Urban Ladder, you can choose from an incredible collection of comfortable gaming chairs designed to elevate your gaming experience and protect your back.


  • Q. Are the Armrests adjustable?

    Not all gaming chairs feature an adjustable armrest. Our collection of gaming chairs, however, come equipped with armrests that can be adjusted according to your height and comfort level.
  • Q. What is the maximum weight a gaming chair can bear?

    On average, a gaming chair from Urban Ladder can bear a maximum weight in the range of 115 to 130 kgs. Please check the detailed product description to identify the exact weight capacity.

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