20 Bedroom Decor Ideas to Style Up your Bedroom Decor

20 Bedroom Decor Ideas to Style Up your Bedroom Decor

. January 19, 2023 .


Enhance your bedroom with the best decor pieces

The bedroom is meant to be your sweet refuge, a sanctuary meant to be comfortable and relaxing; but who says it can’t be stylish at the same time. In fact, you can personalise your bedroom's decor so that it inspires the mood you’d like to experience the moment you step inside it.

No, it’s not an expensive or scary project to start, you can try decor hacks such as using mirrors to make the room look spacious, or just adding tall curtains so as to give an illusion of high ceilings and a larger space. It can be that simple!

Here is a compiled list of some of the most common decor items you can use to transform your humble bedroom into a restful oasis.


Bed Sheets are one of the most basic and hassle-free ways to uplift the look and feel of your bedroom. The best thing about bedsheets is that you often have a variety of options at your disposal that you can pick and choose from, according to your mood.

When shopping for bed sheets, it is an important thing to keep in mind the overall style and theme of the room. Loud print bed sheets are highly unlikely to go with a classic style bedroom. A hint is to try matching the bedsheet with the accents on your wall, this is one tried and tested method to get the right sheets.

      • Blankets

        Blankets can lend a warm and cozy vibe to the bedroom. Besides the obvious consideration to aspects such as weather and allergies, pay special attention to the bed’s design and other larger furniture pieces in the room. Sometimes, contrasting colours like a velvety maroon piece against a cream bed can really up the lux game.
        • Quilts

          Quilts come in extensive prints and colours - from traditional block prints to modern geometric designs. They are great for adding texture and depth to the room. Pay attention to the material if you have pets or kids around, pick colours and materials that are easy to maintain.
        • Comforters

          Comforters are not all work, no play. When chosen cleverly, they can level up your bedroom’s allure. Go for something satiny for a rich touch or a bold colour for a style statement. Since they often hang all the way to the floor, you don’t want to get something that matches with the floor  or that could bring down the room’s dynamic.
          • Curtains

            Go for layered cotton curtains with complimenting colours for a chic touch, or heavy blackouts if you need pitch darkness for a good night’s sleep. Balloon style curtains go well for a vintage look. Lacy curtains along with pom tassels look very elegant while silk curtains are evergreen and oh so luxurious.
        • Duvets

          If you’re a warm sleeper, duvets ought to be your thing. For an even more breezy feel, you could go for shades of blue, grey, sea green etc. Matching the colour of the duvet with elements in the room like the dressing cabinet or armchair, could really give the room an unusual yet edgy look.
            • Wall Clocks

              Clocks are not going anywhere. From classic circular frames to statement “straight out of an art gallery” pieces, clocks can be a one-man show on any wall. As stylish as they are useful, a good clock is a good investment.
              • Wall Paintings

                Nothing projects your taste and personality to a room as much as a wall painting does. While going with your heart is a tried and tested method, giving some attention to the room’s size, wall colour and overall decor theme is important too.
            • Home decor statues

              If you’re someone who is proud of their artistic taste and doesn’t shy from making bold statements through your living quarters, getting a statue is a no-brainer for you. Do check for the material (marble, bronze, terracotta) and size in relation to the bedroom’s space and style. Also, statues make for great stories and can also help with the vastu or energy of a room.
            • Wall Mirror

              Wall Mirrors create the illusion of a larger space and also reflect light to make the room’s well lit. When placed right, they can help bring attention to your favourite spots in the room. You don’t have to stick to boring square or rectangle shapes, now on websites and stores like Urban ladder you can find plenty of quirky shapes and frames to choose from.
            • Photo Frames

              Photo frames are ideal if you love to surround yourself with pictures, it is a very personal way of decorating a bedroom. Placing photo frames with pictures of happy times and special moments can bring great comfort to a room. You can arrange them in perfect symmetry, or use fun shapes and try a more carefree collage style. Rearranging them regularly is also easy and a fun way to mix it up a little, every once in a while.
          • Bedside lamp

            Bedside lamps look smart and also give your room’s lighting a fun dynamic. From cotton and lace to sturdy metal lamps, the options are endless. You might want to pay close attention to the height of lamps though, so as to avoid an accidental eye level setting of the lamp.
                  • Sconce lights

                    If you want to add a subtle layering of warm ambient lights in the room, you can try sconce lights. Sconces go on walls so if you don’t have table space or floor space, these are an amazing alternative.
                  • Artificial flowers

                    Artificial flowers are a great way of grounding your bedroom and evoking the serenity and calmness of nature within these four walls. Using wall potters you can hang them on the walls for a fresh and vibrant touch to the room.
                  • Throws

                    Throws are often downplayed but they have the potential to tie together the colour palette of the room. Matching them with the curtains, or complimenting the print with the diwan or chair, could really highlight the essence of the room.
                    • Wall Decor

                      Statement wall decor pieces speak for themselves. Rather than going for a single piece you can pick many small pieces of varying sizes and styles, and mix them up to create a dedicated wall space that is bound to be an attention stealer.

                    • Wall Hangings

                      If you’re someone who does not like the look of empty walls then wall hangings could be a great option for you. They add to the space without being too uneasy on the eyes. Do pay special attention to where you hang them. You wouldn’t want to cluster many pieces in a small space. Also, go for a colour that is contrasting to the one you have chosen for the walls.
                    • Flower vases

                      Flower vases are evergreen additions to any space and the options endless. From classy glass pieces, to ones in blue and white porcelain, and even the metal ones, vases come in various materials, sizes, shapes and forms. . They can go on the dresser or on the bedside table, or even on the floor if they are tall vases.
                  • Showpieces

                    A display of showpieces that closely aligns with your aesthetic sense is bound to amp up any space. Besides, they’re also great conversation starters. Do be mindful of how it fits in your overall decor theme and space.
                  • Runners

                    Runners never fail at giving the room a cozy feel. You can place them on either side of the bed or even at the foot. Someone fun can also get a kick out of using a combination of different styles and patterns. One tip: Be mindful of the flooring, they should not blend in with those colours.
                  • Carpets

                    Placing the right carpet could make all the difference to a bedroom. It can help to bring in warmth and also a design element to the room. You can even use carpets to highlight empty space between heavy furniture like the bed or a diwan. You can match the colour accents to the wall or curtains or go completely off-grid and get a funky pattern to liven the room up.

Things to consider while buying bedroom wall decor

Bedrooms are your most intimate space. To state the obvious, you shouldn’t shy away from handpicking every decor piece to make the bedroom feel truly a part of yourself. But before you spend your time and money generously on your dream bedroom, there are some things that you should keep in mind so that when it all comes together, the larger space speaks for itself in synchrony rather than single decor elements.

Firstly, be mindful of the space - not just length and breadth, but the floor and ceiling too. All the decor pieces you pick have to be relative in size to each other. You don’t want to end up with a bedroom either too sparse or too clustered. Wall paint also plays quite an important role. It’s like a canvas. From your linens and curtains to the wall hangings and even sculptures, everything will end up in the backdrop of this canvas. 

What’s outside is just as important. The windowpane and the amount of light and air that filters through are also factors you must consider. The curtains, lamps, colour of armchairs or seti, all should be balanced to ensure the room is aptly lit.

Remember, adhering to these basic points is important. But so is listening to your heart. It’s YOUR bedroom after all. So strike the balance and you should be good to go. If you were inspired by this list, you’ll be happy to note that each and every item on the list is available on Urban Ladder, so go ahead and transform your bedroom with just a few clicks!

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