5 Tv Unit Ideas To Amp Up Your Living Room Decor

5 TV Unit Ideas to Elevate Your Living Room Decor

. February 21, 2023 .

When we speak of the television nowadays, it's no longer just the ‘idiot box’ - but a window to worlds far and wide, a document to humankind’s progress in entertainment and technology. Such a wondrous device deserves appropriate decoration, wouldn't you agree? Perhaps say, with a spiffy TV unit that dazzles up your living room and your viewing experience? A practical unit typically houses all the equipment needed in your TV set, such as cords, gaming consoles, speakers, and set-top boxes. However, the best ones meet all these needs and give your living room design that elevated stamp of statement, tailored to your unique taste.

Top Interior Design Ideas With TV Unit

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a TV unit that best compliments your living room design, or rather whichever room gets the honor of housing a television. From storage cabinetry to lighting and even the material, a unit should be cohesive. You may even choose to showcase the TV cabinet or wall decor rather than the flat-screen itself, but what remains important is that you're able to bring your ideas to fruition. At Urban Ladder, we have a diverse and curated range of TV unit decor, that we guarantee can meet any and all of the above requirements - sort by filter and see for yourself!

Let us begin the journey by visualizing the perfect TV unit - that is half your work done there, because having a clear vision is the most important step to realizing it, from your brain to your room. There are three usual components to this - the TV screen itself, the storage cabinets, and the background wall.

Consider The Space Around The House

          It's a common assumption that television sets are just for the living room, but there are tons of viable options out there. This mainly depends on which room has the space to properly fit your TV, and the size of your TV as well. By space, we not only mean the dimensions of the wall versus the TV screen, but also one that will allow you to view it in a comfortable and ergonomic way. With lesser room for example, a small TV unit design with lightweight, wall-mounted cabinets is preferable to something grandiose that could clutter the space. A TV unit design for bedroom would not only require the screen to be at the correct eye level from bed and seating, but the cabinetry to match the personal accents and furniture already present in the room! There are custom joinery options for larger spaces as well. It is recommended to work from a place of minimalism regardless of room size, that way you can always add more if needed.
  • Pick TV Cabinet That Hides The Cables

    With the onset of modern TV unit design ideas that emphasize compactness and the concept of viewing only what's necessary - any cables visibly dangling from behind your TV screen can be disruptive to the illusion. One solution for this is wall-mounting your television screens. That way, even the legs of the TV stand would be out of view, and provide a more spacious look. There are wall cladding options for a tiled background, where a tile or two behind the TV conceals all the gadgetry. Another solution would be to get a visible mount, with a panel below that neatly tucks in all the cables. The right placement of your TV unit decor can wrangle all those pesky cords!
    • Check For Quality Material

      The right material for your TV cabinet can elevate the aesthetic of your room, sure, but the properties of the materials should also be taken into consideration, whether they fit certain conditions in your area and your home.
    • PVC or vinyl, is a recyclable material that is quickly becoming a popular choice in modern TV wall design. Not only is it durable, and resistant to chemicals and weathering, it's also a good insulator for electricity which makes it suitable for high-tech applications. Its aesthetics are also very adaptable since you can paint on it!
    • Natural wood is a timeless option for those looking to add that cozy grandeur and warmth to their space and around their TV unit. It can be sanded and refurbished as well, to retain its polish. 
    • Engineered wood or MDF, is often seen only as a benefit for a cheaper wood alternative, but it is more eco-friendly and its composite nature makes it quite flexible to custom joinery. They are also manufactured to be more weather and termite resistant.
    • Upholstery can add that touch of decadent softness to the TV unit decor as well as provide excellent soundproofing. You can even opt for stitched and tufted upholstered panels to get various patterns - it's a feast for the eyes!
    • Give The TV Cabinet Sufficient Lighting

      Good lighting serves to accentuate the beauty of your TV unit design but in a way that makes it coherent with the ambient lights in the rest of the room. It, of course, also serves to enhance the viewing experience. The optimum lighting for your TV unit comes in several types depending on function - LEDs with variable brightness and a warm color to glow out the edges of your cabinetry, or pendant lights to frame the TV cabinet with the classic oval shape of its light beam. It is often recommended to invest in dimmers for your light panels, to imitate that movie theater experience but also to provide some reprieve to one's eyes. Experimenting with colors can indulge mood lighting according to the media on screen - it may be prudent to keep it simple here however, since too many colors can affect your photosensitivity in such a space. Of course, the first step to ensuring that is making sure there's no window facing your screen directly - no one wants that sunlight glare cutting into your movie marathon, after all!
    • Create A Stunning Background Behind The TV Unit

      This is one of the stages of this process where you can let your imagination run wild! It's also where your placement intention will matter - some prefer the components to be molded around the TV, some want their fancy designer TV unit to make the statement whether the TV is on or not, some just want extra storage because they have a ton of cartridges and gaming equipment - it's all up to what you need this space behind your screen to be. Here we present some basic templates to guide the visionary process:
  • A colored wall in soothing cool shades like sage green or cobalt blue, to perfectly offset the bright action on the screen. You could also add trim molding and wallpaper, or even upholstery, to elevate the texture.
  • In contrast to the above, going for full camouflage with a dark color behind your TV screen provides the opportunity to appreciate the rest of the living room decoration, and serves to embolden the TV when it's on.
  • Introducing another focal point to the dark glass slab of the TV, like artistic accents of wood, or a themed mini gallery of paintings, is a clever way of showcasing your decor along with helping bring together the TV unit for a more cohesive design.
  • Installing floating, asymmetrical glass cabinetry to frame around the screen is an opportunity to elegantly showcase your collections - whether they be movies, games, travel souvenirs, anything you desire.
  • Give The Traditional And Contemporary Mix

    The faster we advance towards the future, the stronger the need to harken back to our naturalist traditions. Here are some ideas to achieve that perfect balance:
  • Manufactured material like PVC and engineered plywood are very adaptable in design and therefore can be molded to fit any aesthetic - both modern and traditional.
  • Complement your decor to the aesthetics of the wall and unit - for example, a rustic plywood paneling could be well-matched with a pop of synthetic color like a violet or teal, or even sleek metallic accents.
  • Invoke nature a bit more literally by adding some greenery - artificial ones included! In contrast their containers could have abstract shapes for that touch of fancifulness. 
  • Invoke nature again, this time through artistic expression - it need not strictly be all earthy landscapes, you can even frame drawings made in your home, and place them around the wall! Sometimes a personal touch is all the naturality your TV unit decor needs.
  • Lighting can help embody a particular ambience too, depending on your preferences. LED strips lining the TV cabinet could give a cyber-futuristic look, versus a custom 20th century-inspired wall sconce that could invoke the dim-lit, cozy warmth straight out of a novel.


When it comes to following your vision, even the sky is barely a limit with the right options.  Here at Urban Ladder, we have the bulk as well as the details! Everything that's necessary to create that perfect mediatime space for your home - only the very best TV unit online will suffice, and we can ensure that for you.


  • What Is The Standard Height Of A Tv Unit Design?

    The standard optimal height for a TV screen and therefore the rest of the TV unit design is 42 inches, measured from the floor to the center of the screen. It's recommended that your screen be placed at or slightly below eye level. One must also take into account the viewing distance and seating height (optimally 15-20 inches off the floor) and invest accordingly.
  • What Is The Best Material For A Tv Unit?

    PVC for wall, and laminated wood are the most popular options for a TV unit not only for their affordable prices but also the benefits of lightweight durability, insulation, and resistance to weathering and infestation. They are also very versatile aesthetics-wise.
  • What Different Types Of Tv Unit Designs Do You Have?

    Urban Ladder offers you a decadent selection of designer TV unit in both solid and engineered wood, with varied options in setup such as: standalone low and high cabinets, wall-mounted, additional entertainment unit, and TV cum display. We also have options filtered to TV size, for the recommended viewing guidelines for most comfort.

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