6 Best Inspirational home decor ideas for Indian Homes

6 Best Inspirational home decor ideas for Indian Homes

. May 19, 2023 .

Interior design in India has been an innate and extremely important part of our culture, because our home is beyond just a shelter, it's something sacred that accommodates us, our guests, the people we love, and the little eccentric passions we want to protect. And in turn, we must treat our safe space well - and often that love is shown through home decor! Adorning our homes in India was often enmeshed with the architecture itself, and has culminated into a lot of contemporary interior design as well. Even if the best home decor ideas are still held in separate regard to mainstream architecture now, let us appreciate our rich artistic heritage in these modern times.

Top Indian House Interior Design Ideas

Understandably, with the increase in our hectic schedules, one finds it difficult to dedicate much time to contemplate home decor tips these days. The wonderful thing is, there are many ways to mitigate that redecorating fatigue. There are equally many ways to showcase the best of your house - be it by adding a single artwork to draw focus, to adding some personality through little knick-knacks on the shelves, or even adorning an existing piece of furniture - we have you covered with various trending decorating ideas. Urban Ladder offers a delectable range of the best home decor items as well, to aid you in your creative vision.

Add Vibrant Colors

Whatever we know about modern color theory, Indian artists have perfected through the centuries! Our color palette is renowned globally, for its vibrant and vast range. We took all the feelings a certain color can provoke within us, and basically enmeshed all of them into one coherent design, and did so masterfully! In such a wide spectrum, especially if you're color blocking with solid, unpatterned colors - it's important to identify any particular characteristics before choosing, since colors can set the tone of a room. For example, yellows are a good choice for kitchens and nurseries since it's very cheerful. Green and red being complementary colors, inculcate similarly opposite moods - green being very soothing for a library or home office because it invokes nature, while red ignites passion and focus. Adding that desi element with stylistic motifs and patterns onto earthy tones is also recommended, to harken back to more of a traditional look.

Antique Furniture Pieces For A Classic Look

We are rather fond of our heirlooms and statement pieces in our home decor, especially looking from that post-colonial perspective. They just add a mythic, elegant grandeur to a room that's unmatched. A surefire way to desify your furniture, is to replace with traditional Indian ones - this way they're not only elevating the artistry in the room, they're also serving a function. For example, a rajai instead of that standard checkered mattress, a divan instead of a sofa. You could also opt for latticework partitions to really bring that antique, royal tone to a room. Don't want to expend too much on new furniture, though? That is totally okay - you can add printed throws and small accessories on your existing furniture, like embroidered throws on your sofa, batik-print coasters - the possibilities are endless! As for material, wood is not only a timeless choice in home decor ideas, but in Indian culture it also offsets our wide range of colors beautifully.

Mirror Decoration Ideas

Mirrors, contrary to popular Indian household belief, are not just a surface for bindi-users to decorate with their post-it bindis - though of course there's nothing wrong with that classical home adornment - they can also fill up the blankness of your walls effectively. Additionally, reflective surfaces are just great - you never have to rely on someone to tell you if you have a bedhead cowlick sticking out, because you might  encounter the chance to fix up your hair at least three times just by walking to your front door! Mirrors also come in such amazing and creative varieties these days, there is a design for every theme. Whether you opt for an elegant, large wooden mirror with those paisley engravings, or a tiny one with intricate metalwork, they are one of the more whimsical yet efficient home decor ideas. To add to this whimsy, you could even go for those funhouse type mirrors, with a desi-styled framing. We Indians do love a sense of humor in our home decor ideas after all.

Spread Rugs With Indian Prints

Spreading out any large piece of fabric is a culturally welcoming sign, and not just in Indian culture but globally. Rugs and carpets are a quintessential part of Indian house interior design though, since we do have the cultural practice of treating our guests akin to deities - maybe not so literally, but we are known to always roll out the red (and blue, and green and yellow and purple) carpet! Carpets also add a coziness and warmth to your room, and the fact that they provide a fuzzy surface to protect our feet from the cold floor is only part of it. When choosing a rug with Indian prints, it is recommended to complement the overall aesthetic of the room, and be coherent with other elements. Indian rugs are some of the best interior decoration, since the diversity in our embroidery - both bold motifs and subtler folk art - can cohere even the most discordant elements in a room. Talk about a magic carpet!

Indoor Plants To Beautify Any Space

Greenery is another quintessential, nay, inseparable part of interior design in India. In most Indian homes, greenery isn't there just to serve aesthetics, but rather cultivated specifically for spices, herbs, and even for religious or scientific beliefs. Whoever said that one needs to have not just green thumbs, but all four green limbs, to plant in an Indian house - they were not being facetious. Whether it be a patio home garden or a handful of hanging baskets in the tiniest balcony - Indians will find a way.  Now, we mustn't forget those of us who don't possess these green body parts - it needn't be served in your meals for your plant to be typically Indian! Artificial plants are easier to keep for busy lives, and they invoke the reverence for nature just as well. Other options can also include plants that don't need much of regular maintenance, like succulents and spider plants. They add a very contemporary look, and are top trending decorating ideas in greenery.

Eye-catching Indian Folk Paintings For The Wall

Paintings have the magical ability to not only prettify the walls of your house, but can almost serve as windows to alternate realities if you arrange them trendily enough. Home decor ideas in India can offer up a dizzying array of artwork, since our syncretic, creative heritage has been cultivated for centuries upon centuries. We have a rich tradition in folk art, from the diverse cultures within India, and it surely feels great to pay homage to that in our home decor! You could opt for a number of them, and they need not adhere to the typical idea of a framed painting either. For example, Iraqi and Moroccan wall plate decorations that feature their classic elements of turquoise so beautifully. Or the spiritual vibes of a scroll hanging that focuses on our evergreen scientific traditions - like yoga, the alignment of chakras, or the study of astronomy. You can even opt to go for the natural classics with Madhubani or Warli folk art. The beautiful thing about Indian paintings is also the opportunity to learn about the cultures who originated that style.


The key to interior design in India is losing the key amidst the thousand others on that fancy huge keyring! Ironic to conclude with after sharing these home decor ideas, but it's true that most of the time, the usual Indian mentality when decorating one's house is “if it looks good, I must have it.

Here at Urban Ladder, we can only offer you plenty of inspirational curios and accessories, to add to that keyring!&


How Can I Make My Old Indian House Look Modern?

You can replace some prints with more solid colors for balance in your home decor. Revamping traditional Indian designs in a contemporary look is also an trendy idea, as is adding in modern sculptures of timeless materials like wood and stone.

What Are Some Cool And Affordable Home Decor Options?

You can budget and have a spiffy interior decor by following these affordable home decor ideas - creating and showcasing your own artwork, the employ of famous Jugaadu Culture where you reuse old items into new functionality, buying small knick-knacks to add those pops of desi design (desi-gn!), even some handcrafted toys to add some elements of playfulness and action to your living space!

How Can I Decorate My Small House In India?

Keep it simple. It's recommended to stick to items that have multifunctional usage - your decor can have practicality too. Invest in a singular statement piece, and adorn that to keep it the centerpiece of your home!

Which Showpiece Is Best For Home?

Lattice work partitions, mirrors, regionally significant cultural statements, woven tapestries, and pottery are all some of the best home decor items. What's best, you can always choose according to the vibe you want to set in a particular room!

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