How to choose designer curtains for your bedroom

How to choose designer curtains for your bedroom

. May 18, 2023 .

Curtains occupy the ironically dual responsibilities of framing any openings in the room, and separating the room from the outside by covering said opening. This benefit of beautification and privacy however, is not the only reason your bedroom should have them - since some of their primary roles also include providing insulation from light and sound, and regulating ventilation. It is important to keep this in mind when thinking of the bedroom curtain design that should fit you best. Helping with its primary set of functions, there are also various other details to think about since every type of curtain serves a specific purpose. Choosing the perfect set of curtains for your bedroom can be a task when taking into consideration all these other details such as fabric and length, but worry not - here is a comprehensive guide to bolster your ideas, and help you make an informed decision. 

Top Designer Curtain Ideas For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a private space for yourself, and the curtains must reflect the vibe this space sets, for you to feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. To imagine that a couple swathes of fabric can automatically add to the warmth of a room while also setting the tone - whether it's funky pop art, or grandiose elegance, or modern chic! Urban Ladder has a professionally curated collection that showcases the best and latest curtain design - so let us venture forth into getting you the comfort you deserve.

Invest In Pleated Curtains For An Elegant Look

Pinch-pleated curtains are an eternal, evergreen choice - so much so that even today a child's drawing will reflect this classic idea, when asked to draw a window set! This design of curtain basically bunches the pencil pleats into groups - yes, exactly like the sari - to provide an elegant pattern for the heading, which then falls down naturally while retaining the pleated shape. To maintain this form, the pleated curtain typically works with heavier fabric since the weight also serves to add to that classical essence of being imposingly grand. It is a simple and smart choice if you're leaning towards traditional bedroom curtain ideas. 

Add Patterned Curtains To A Plain Room

It's time to add the drama, the edge, the extravagance! Patterns have the distinct benefit in the range of their designs - there will always be a print that aligns perfectly with your master bedroom curtain ideas. It is recommended to juggle the balance of patterns here - if the rest of your room is simple, then your curtains can add that pop of color. On the other hand, you can still use a patterned set even if there are other instances of it in your room, as long as you choose patterns that complement each other, or you may even opt to echo the same pattern via little accents throughout the room to give it a cohesive look. The opportunity for experimentation here is vast.

Sheer Curtains For An Ethereal And Airy Look

When the need for privacy and the need for natural sunlight collide, sheer curtains are your best friend. The lightweight fabric not only affords you privacy without compromising on the brightness, also ventilates the room, giving it an airy and dreamy vibe. The light they allow through is of course, filtered, so you may opt for some interesting embroidery or texture that will reflect through as well - just to elevate that etherealness. There are plenty of modern sheer curtain ideas to help you out here, especially if you have a smaller bedroom, since ‘voiles’ can give semblance of more space. You may even go for a rustic and eco-friendly choice such as linen!

Blackout Curtains To Obstruct Outside Light

Sometimes, the wonderful land of slumber just isn't satisfying when you might constantly be getting interrupted by flashing traffic or skylights from outside, even with your standard single layer of drapery drawn shut. This is where blackout curtains come in handy, as they are specially lined to obstruct light leakage. When considering a window curtain design that can keep you cool in the summer months but insulated in winter, and shut out even the most persistent of sun beams - for the night-shifters and daytime snoozers - a blackout curtain is one of the best options for a bedroom. You can achieve this effect by either using a heavy fabric like velvet, or layer up the fabrics.

Choose Patterns That Aligns With The Outside View

Curtains are meant to frame windows, and given that windows are often also placed to offer a view - it often gives the look of a painting, but one that is elevated with its complementary framing, instead of being outshone. A way to achieve this striking effect is to choose a pattern that invokes the view in a stylistic manner - for example, a window overlooking the balcony garden could be framed with a funky botanical print. Another option for a view that is constantly busy and ever-changing - like a highway street - is to splash in multiple colors in an abstract composition that both echoes that business, as well as prettifying it. Your bedroom curtain ideas here  already have the view outside your window as a referral point, so that's half your work done already! 

Pick Lined Curtains To Reduce Light Leakages

Lining your modern bedroom curtain provides a fuller, weightier feel that invokes a particular sense of gravitas to your room. They also, of course, provide additional privacy and a layer of defense against any pesky light leakages. You could opt for colored or textured lining here, to elevate the decadence level of your window set. There are various designer curtain ideas that could help you achieve the perfect lining combination.


The right set of curtains can really help in not only regulating one's circadian rhythm, but also providing a well-rounded comfort by regulating ventilation according to weather, light and sound as well! When buying a modern bedroom curtain, it's recommended to go for convenient fabrics that are machine washable, or a length that doesn't clutter up the room, but it also depends on your personal preferences and the context of location. Making a list of pros and cons for each type and comparing them with your room, your needs, and energy can be a bit arduous, but it's worth it - after all, no one wants to end up investing in the wrong fit.

Once you have your ideas pat down, Urban Ladder will be here to take you through the latest curtain designs for home! 


Should Bedroom Curtains Be Long Or Short?

The length of the curtain depends on the windows they're covering - ideally drapes should be installed 4-6 inches above the window frame, and while there are standard curtain lengths of 108, 96, and 84 inches, it's recommended to custom fit your drapery length to fully cover your windows.

There are also aesthetic benefits to each type of length. Only thing to consider with long curtains is the fabric and their maintenance - especially if they puddle on your floor.

Which Type Of Curtains Are Best For The Bedroom?

Heavy or lined curtains to block out light would be the ideal choice for a bedroom, since it's a private space. They also insulate the room in regards to regulating sound and temperature so it remains comfortable. 

Which Color Of Curtains Are Good For The Bedroom?

Green, pink, and blue are amongst the most sought after options when it comes to curtain color specifically for the bedroom. These hues are known for their relaxing qualities - blue has even been said to help with insomnia and stress. Of course, when choosing the color, one must also keep in mind to coordinate with the rest of the bedroom decor.

How Do You Style Curtains In A Bedroom?

Here are some ways to best bring out the chicness of your bedroom curtain design:

  • Tie cords - they are fast becoming a trendy option due to their effect of tying back the drapes and making them fall elegantly, like something out of a fairy tale. Swap out attached curtain ties for mix-and-matching with an edgy leather belt, or a rustic feel of rope with a wooden charm.
  • Pelmets - they are the part of your window treatment where the curtains are mounted, be it a rod or a box. It's recommended to match the design of the pelmet to accentuate the room and the eyelets of the curtain. Box pelmets can also be a bold statement if that's what you're looking for.
  • Layering - this can be achieved by mixing different fabrics and patterns - sheer voiles with blackout lined, or Roman blinds. Try to make sure that 'clashing patterns' in this case have an element in common to cohere the look.

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