Best lighting solution for you home to light up you room decor

Best lighting solution for you home to light up you room decor

. May 29, 2023 .

Will you believe us if we tell you lighting is one of the most important design aspects of a home? Without good lighting, focal points, art work, architectural highlights and corner areas fall flat. It’s one of the easiest and affordable ways to give your home a luxury upgrade. Placement of lights, type of fixtures and their functions are some of the top factors you need to take into account for room lighting. To brighten up a space evenly and aesthetically, you can get ceiling lights for your home that can bring about a dramatic change. 

The Three Basic Types Of Lighting

We have established that the right lighting can elevate your spirits and mood, make you more relaxed and inspire you to go about your day much happier. To know how to get good lighting in your room, you need to first understand the three different types of lighting. A smart lighting plan makes effective use of these three to illuminate your home.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides the primary source of light for a space. It’s a central source of light for every room and helps you navigate that space easily. Lighting just one corner of a room or illuminating every single corner of the space will not give you the desired effect. You need to create a balance in creating home lighting design ideas for each room.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting highlights objects in a room by directly focusing light on them. This lighting creates points of visual interest inside and outside a home such as art work, plants, photographs, wall hangings and furniture. Accent lighting is one of the top living room lighting ideas that you can use to illuminate and emphasize art.

Task Lighting

For activities that need that extra light to see clearly, task lighting is the most ideal option. Consider the kind of tasks you will be doing in each space to help you plan this. Activities such as reading, drawing, sewing and cooking are some of the tasks that require task lighting. 

Best Lighting Tips To Light Up Your Room

If you follow some basic lighting tips and ideas, you can easily transform your home aesthetically.

Install Dimmers To Gain More Control Over Lighting

Dimmers give you the flexibility of changing and customizing the lighting as per your mood. You can change the intensity of the lights to suit the mood, ambiance or activity you are planning. Want a romantic mood? Dim the lights. Playing a board game? Brighten the light. Lighting-needs change from activity to activity; wrong lighting can strain your eyes. If you have wondered how to increase lighting in living room, go for dimmers.

Measure Scale Before Choosing Light Fixtures

Choosing the right size of lights is important to achieve a balanced lighting effect. You need to understand the size of your space, how much area certain kinds of lights can cover and reach and how much highlighting needs to be done without downplaying or overdoing it. Measuring the room size and understanding how much illumination each light type can give are crucial.

Opt For Layered Lighting

To achieve layered lighting, you can use different types of lighting to create something that’s balanced and that caters to all the lighting needs of that space. Proper layering of ambient, task and accent lighting brings flexibility and functionality to the space. 

Task Lighting For Media Room

Task lighting is the most common way to light up a media room to watch movies or sports. It’s important that the lights aren’t too bright and cast a glare on the screen while watching a movie. You will also need to have the option of bright lights when you are no longer watching the screen.

Invest In Energy-Efficient Models

Energy efficient lights consume less energy to perform the same function without affecting user experience. The easiest way to do this is to replace traditional lamps such as incandescent bulbs with LED and CFL lamps that are more energy efficient. Using sensors and dimmers can also reduce the unnecessary use of lighting.

Creating A Balanced Lighting Plan For Your Home

It’s natural to be overwhelmed by the numerous types of light fixtures available to you. But if you focus on creating a smart lighting plan incorporating a balanced mix of ambient, accent and task lights, you will be able to achieve a comfortable, functional, practical and energy-efficient lighting experience. Lighting plays a major role in highlighting what you want to flaunt and downplaying what you don't want noticed.

Understand size and scale, the style of your home interiors, your budget, your specific lighting requirements and smart lighting controls before you go ahead and buy lighting. Also, take into account the various color temperatures available such as warm, neutral and cool. Warm lights are best suited to create a cozy ambiance for spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. In spaces where you need to focus and see clearly such as study and kitchen, use neutral lights. Cool lights are ideal for bathrooms and offices. As lighting is not a decision that affects just your home aesthetics, choose wisely, as it impacts your overall comfort, mood and well being.


How Do You Uplight A Room?

To uplight a room, you can rely on the three types of lighting - ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination, uniformly lighting up the entire space. Task lighting highlights a specific area in a room for a specific function. Accent lighting works towards drawing attention towards a specific object.

How Do You Illuminate A Dark Room Naturally?

There are several ways to illuminate a room naturally. Painting your floor white, opting for light and diaphanous curtains, hanging a mirror, using white lamp shades, using high-gloss paint for your ceiling and most importantly, setting up the right kind of ambient, task and accent lighting can help with making your space brighter.

What Type Of Lighting Is Best?

There is no right answer for this; it depends on individual requirements, functions and the kind of interiors in a home. Ideally, a perfect lighting plan is a balance mix of all three types of lighting - ambient, task and accent. When you consider living room ceiling lighting ideas, ambient lighting is what’s right for the requirement. If your home has a lot of decor and art, you will definitely need accent lighting to highlight them. And to focus on the tasks you do at home without narrowing your eyes, you need task lighting.

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