Create An Aesthetic Living Room With Coffee Table

Create an Aesthetic Living Room decor with Coffee Tables

. April 11, 2023 .

A coffee table is typically a small-to-medium sized table that is placed between the couch seating and the TV unit in a living room. It serves to be a surface to keep your things on or a common point of access to snacks when entertaining guests. That is, however, just looking at the surface - your coffee table design can be the centerpiece instead of just a common point. It holds the possibility to be a statement - an introduction to the rest of your living room decor ideas, and as an extension, you yourself!

Styling Your Coffee Table To Improve The Living Room Decor

There is a lot of creative room when it comes to this venture, since styling coffee table is one of the modular components of your parlor designing process. As it goes with the journey of any kind of interior design, visualization is always the first step. There is no one set path where your table choice can elevate your living room decor - you can experiment with your curios too! Indeed, an essential stage of polishing up your coffee table design is by using it as a showcase. It gives an otherwise static piece of furniture its own active presence. 

At Urban Ladder, our curated selection of coffee table design ideas starts the conversation instead of merely allowing it. Here are some trendy and creative ideas that will surely earn your coffee table its moniker - by the zing of energy it will bring to your home! 

Use Of Plants And Flowers On The Table

Foliage, whether real or artificial, can add a refreshing note of the wholesomeness in nature, as well as organic pops of color to decorating a coffee table. You may opt for a glass bowl or bottle of potpourri - a preserved, aromatic mix of dried petals, herbs, and spices - as well, since that would not only look pretty, but also provide a pleasant fragrance. When it comes to the question of green thumbs, it is recommended that you stick to plants that don't require too much watering, since the clay of their pot would leak that water onto the table - succulents and terrariums are a perfect choice here! With artificial plants there's less need to worry about potting, and therefore you have more creative freedom to stick them in a vase that matches your decor perfectly. 

Create An Elevation To The Coffee Table

There are two main ways to achieve this. One is to buy coffee table that automatically comes in a stacked or foldable design, it holds the benefit of being a staple elevation so you don't have to worry about switching it up. For those who do want that room to experiment though, stacking items in different orders of height is essential, as the differences serve an elegance to your living room decor. A pile of your favorite or currently read books, candle stands, and vases are amongst the most popular to achieve this - but little souvenirs or curios can definitely help add character! You can put them on top of other stacked items, like the books or a box or tray. 

Having A Contrasting Color To The Furniture

Your coffee table should naturally stand out without overpowering the rest of the furniture cohabiting the space, and the best way to ensure this is to choose a material or color that contrasts the more static features in your room - like the wall, and definitely the couch, since that's the closest. As for the coffee table design itself, it's recommended to choose decor that offsets its color scheme, and therefore adds to the color play in the whole room. A neutral or white tabletop works best with bold, colorful seating and items. For furniture with darker colors, try adding in metallic or marble accents to your tabletop. A popular choice is to go with a clear glass tabletop, since it's the most versatile for contrasting with both the wider range of furniture and your chosen collection of knickknacks, and can showcase the latter well.

Don't Over Dump The Table

Too much clutter on your coffee table can inhibit its practical functions and also run the risk of looking tacky. A way of artfully arranging your items is to structure out your table space into compartments, since that helps to categorize their display. A symmetrical grid is more orderly and can make your curios look cohesive, while asymmetrical compartments help emphasize their individual properties. You can also arrange items by the magic rule of three - ensure that they are of different heights to achieve elevation as well. You can have a theme to the display, or only a singular category of items - but the most efficient way to showcase them without clutter? Invest in a tray! A tray can complement the coffee table decor, provide a tidy little compartment for essentials like TV remote or reading glasses, and the best part is you can move it out of the way when needed.

Balancing The Decor

This can range from balancing their elevation, to their colors, or the characteristics they can bring to the table - literally! This table is the town square to your living room, a central hub of activity and socializing for both residents and guests - and therefore your coffee table decor ideas must resonate with what you want to portray. You may choose to add a personal touch, by showcasing your favorite books, things you have made that hold special meaning. You may choose to be activity-centered, with your card game collection neatly stacked in a tray, or a bowl of dice on top of a fantasy map. You may choose to have icebreakers, like leaving your book open so that people are enticed to read and ask about, or funny pop culture-themed accessories - the possibilities are endless! As always, ensure the aesthetics complement each other, shape wise as well - smooth out a rectangular table with circular items, and vice versa.

Mixing Modern With Traditional Decor Items

There's a certain whimsical glee to schmoozing traditional and contemporary designs together, more so when it comes to such a central piece of furniture. With so many creative options it can even get a little overwhelming! Hence, find below some guiding points to best elevate your aesthetic living room:

  • Marbled tabletops with metallic accents - specifically recalling the Japanese remedial concept of kintsugi, or mending cracks with gold, is an elegant and trendy pattern choice nowadays, and it looks very royal and chic at the same time. Offset this with more oxidized metallic accessories for a burnished, grunge look.
  • Glass tabletops with a rustic wooden or bamboo framing and showcasing compartment/tray underneath, is a timeless combo that is popular in many homes to this day, and for good reason! It's unique property being that your curios or paintings, or any chosen decoration that can fit in that under-glass tray - can be portrayed while leaving the top free.
  • You can split for a tea table, a soda table, and a snack table now - instead of one heavy and cumbersome coffee table, having several smaller tables provides easy mobility and a sense of playfulness. You can choose to have these tables even made unconventionally, for example sanding and lacquering over an actual tree stump - it's the perfect mix of modern absurdity and, well, sticking to our roots!
  • Tables that have extra cushions or ottomans folded into the corners not only provide extra seating, you can experiment with mixing traditional and contemporary patterns on the fabrics there.


Urban Ladder is proud to present a wide, diverse, and economically-conscious range of coffee tables online - there's a perfect centerpiece out here just waiting to dazzle up your living room! Now that you have that vision hopefully padded with options, you can buy coffee table without hassle, and have fun in the process of decorating it. That morning coffee routine is going to change, and only for the better.


How Long Does A Coffee Table Last?

Depending on the material and its individual proneness to wear and tear, a coffee table can last from anywhere in between five to twenty years.

How Long Should A Coffee Table Be?

A coffee table should be no less than 1-2 inches lower than your  couch seating. The standard height is 16-18 inches, but this of course should match with the height of your seating. A taller table of 20-21 inches is also efficient for entertaining a lot of guests since it's easier to put down their food and drinks.

How To Take Care Of A Coffee Table?

It's important to have knowledge of how to decorate coffee table, but also its maintenance. The basics include wiping it - a cursory wipe regularly and a thorough cleaning of its grooves and niches once in a while, and protection from moisture and scuffing by placing coasters or mats. It's recommended to take the extra step depending on the material you choose as well, these instructions usually come included when buying one.

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