Get the Ultimate Comfort and Space with a King Size Bed

Maximizing Comfort and Space with a King Size Bed

. April 20, 2023 .

A king size bed is the largest size that exists, and while its royal luxury and comfort is explicit by the name, it's by no means an exaggeration. Even better that these are accessible to more than just royalty. Such a furniture piece can truly make a statement in your bedroom, of affluence and comfort and security. This bed consists of several different components, main ones including the mattress and bed frame. However, many a king size bed nowadays come with storage options. They can be large drawers under the bed or even in the form of attached nightstands on the sides. The materials used are always durable and the joinery is impeccable, hence the installation process is also a breeze! The best king size bed for you is waiting in the beautiful gallery of Urban Ladder's collection, so you can explore with us. 

Things You Should Know Before Buying King Size Bed

Due to its large size, these beds often have to be disassembled and rejoined during shipping and installation - much like other beds, but it's a more delicate process to be sure. This is why the joinery of a modern king size bed is important in its design, but that's not the only factor to consider here. One should think about the aesthetics and size of their bedroom, any costs outside the initial purchase, and orientation. We go into a bit more detail here: 

Size And Dimension

A king bed size can vary slightly in different countries due to discrepancies in their own units of measurement, but overall the universally accepted dimensions are 76 x 80 inches by way of width and length respectively. Roughly, this bed is the combined size of two twin beds put together. These dimensions are ideal for a master bedroom.

Frame Material 

The frame is used to hold the mattress and the right material is very important to choose here. A king bed frame must have good joinery to be reassembled and the correct material to allow this. Wood, solid or engineered, are the most common options for their variety of benefits including sturdiness. Metal, especially wrought iron, is a sleeker choice but no less durable, and a lot more lightweight in structure.

Space Availability

King size beds are typically deployed in master bedrooms, or any bedroom that is 10 square feet or more in area. However, even in a smaller room they can be oriented to maximize floor space - and the size can even be a statement because you'll have all this space to fill up with decorative pillows, and it will give any room a sense of coziness. Why shouldn't the bed be the floor itself, after all? It's more fun!

Cost And Budget

King size bed price is a bit on the expensive side due to its sheer mass, since the cost is mainly dependent on the different components like frame structure, extra storage, and of course the raw materials. We have a wide range in Urban Ladder however, starting from as low as ₹7000 in approximation, and a sliding scale for you to determine your browsing based on your budget - all without compromising on design. 

Benefits Of Buying King Size Bed 

Finding a king size bed online can be an undertaking of great importance, as you're balancing the need for a larger than typical bed, with the adage of benefits that it offers. In this modern day, there are many of us who eschew a proper sleep in favor of pursuing the ceaseless cycle of productivity culture that's embedded into us by many institutions. The fact remains however, that maintaining your circadian rhythm and getting a proper rest for the ideal amount of time is crucial to your health both in the present and long term. A king size bed not only has medical benefits but also physical advantages due to its structure:

Comfortable Sleeping

Due to the magnificent margin of extra space provided, king size beds can accommodate all the eccentricities of one's sleep patterns. If you have a habit of tossing or starfishing out in the bed, there is plenty of room to spread out in. You can also breathe easy in the face of not having your movements restricted, and the mobility allows your joints to rest as well. In turn this improves blood flow which causes your sleep to be properly restorative.

Extra Storage Space 

The size of a king sized bed frame can provide a lot of storage space just under the bed. There are many models that come with attached side storage as well, which includes a nightstand with a chest of drawers. The latter is a staple in many luxury master bedrooms and executive hotel suites, but even without the sides, a king bed as a storage main course is no joke. You can store extra bedding, duvets, and pillows in your underbed compartments, and swap them out according to seasonal change.

More Space For Your Loved Ones

A comfortable king bed will accommodate not only your whirlwind sleep patterns but also whoever is sharing your bed. It's hard to avoid knocking into another person when you're sleeping, or them encroaching your space, and this doesn't just happen when people - what if your gentle giant of a dog decides to camp out on your chest because there isn't enough space? A king sized bed will fix all these problems by making sure you have plenty of space for everyone, whether it's for sleepovers or families!

Enhance The Room Decor 

King size bed design is all about that foundational grandeur just because of its size, and therefore it looks appealing even at its barest. Add in custom features like engraved stands, or an upholstered headboard, even abstract accent lighting to serve as a night light of sorts - you have endless possibilities to explore with this basic frame. The material you choose will also elevate your room decor, from the rustic warmth of wood to the contemporary chic of metal. You can even add in accents of other materials like marble to add a splash of opulence.


A person on average spends at least a third of their life sleeping, and a proper restorative sleep is important for one's physical and mental health via maintaining their circadian cycle. Allowing yourself the comfort of a proper mattress and a sturdy frame is therefore crucial to aid this process. The best king size bed will not only accommodate these needs but also add a touch of elegant grandeur to your bedroom decor. A large size can accommodate multiple people, so if you want to camp out with your family, have a sleepover with your friends, or even want the fuzziness of your cat beside you - this bed will comfortably fit all of you and more. You have a ton of storage and embellishment options in addition to these comforts, which will maximize on space while stamping a statement to your decor. To buy king size bed that is perfectly suited to you and your loved ones, all you need to do is browse our decadent collection on Urban Ladder, where we serve you comfort at every budget range.


How Much Does King Size Bed Furniture Cost?

Since king size beds are the largest size available in the market, their costs reflect that. It also takes into account the different components such as mattress, framing, and additional features like storage and attached nightstands. Our selection starts at around ₹7000.

What Is The Benefit Of A King Size Bed? 

There are many benefits to having king size beds like ample space to move around and adorn your mattress with all the plushy pillows you need, facilitating a proper rest that revives you by the time you face the next day, and even providing the room for extra storage to keep the heavier of your belongings in.

Does A King Size Bed Make A Difference?

It has a marked difference in improving one's health and quality of life simply through accommodating a proper sound sleep. The added luxury of having plenty of space to lounge around and spread out during the day if you have multiple tasks to be occupied with, is also a bonus. To make sleep easier and have accessibility to things when you arrange them in your king size bed is an important factor in improving one's daily life.

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