Celebrating Friends at Urban Ladder

. August 17, 2016 .

Great people. Exciting work. A culture that thrives on fun, creativity and independence. We at Urban Ladder don’t call ourselves a workforce, we’re great friends! From Cookie bakers, Analytics Gurus, Compulsive PJ vending machines, Competent quizzers, Social (media) butterflies, Foosball champs, karaoke enthusiasts and fashionistas – all of us together keep pushing for more…fun at work. 

To celebrate this spirit of friendship on the occasion of Friendship Day 2016, we at UL decided to steer away from our usual (hopping from one desk to another for food, begging for mobile chargers, problem solving or well, some more food) and appreciate the friends we’ve made over our ongoing journey of making a million homes beautiful.

For prepping everyone up, we started the day with scattering cute friendship day cards across the office for people to pick for their friends or even people they haven’t spent enough time with. What started as a small effort of walking over to a friend, ended up bringing a hundred smiles around.

While many exchanged hugs over the adorable cards, Nikhil(VP, Digital Marketing at Urban Ladder) and Parag (VP, Urban Interiors at Urban Ladder) decided to celebrate the day in a very non-clichéd manner. For the ones who were celebrating their first friendship day at Urban Ladder, the two decided to form teams against each other for the ever so successful ice breaker, The Tug of War! 

Convincing the majority to side with them, Nikhil and Parag distributed yellow and blue friendship bands around to mark their respective armies.  Of course, the plans and strategies devised by either of the teams didn’t bring reasonable results, but the activity did feature overflowing ties, cheerfulness and many new bonds!

And finally since our favourite pass time is to spoil each other silly, we found bean bags awaiting at the cafeteria with some popcorn and snacks, for binge watching the best of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on the television.  


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