. August 31, 2016 .
Setting up a new home isn’t like checking items off a shopping list.  Say you found a set of lovely lounge chairs; now what? How do you create a cosy nook for two with them? Or that beautifully upholstered couch you love - do you place it by the window where the sunbeams bounce off it or against the wall so you have a good view of the greenery outside?

After every purchase, our customers come back with questions about setting up their space - they need ideas and suggestions on layouts, matching designs, and more. So we decided to do something about it.

Today, we are super excited to announce the launch of ‘The Design Pages’ – an interactive online design book full of new ideas and inspiration for every homeowner. From the best of customer styles, small space ideas, storage hacks, and imaginative use cases, it’s a collection of practical tips that every homeowner will find handy. The best part – with this digital book, you can click on an image, tap to add it to your wish list, discover similar designs, explore the range, or simply add to cart!

Design Pages

The future editions will have designers and style mavens sharing their thoughts and advice on frequently asked questions.

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