Urban Ladder strengthens brand identity

. November 09, 2016 .

‘Let’s Create’ symbolises the joy of creating beautiful homes with Urban Ladder

In 2012 Urban Ladder started with a vision - to make a million homes beautiful. In the last 4 years the brand has created a differentiated identity built on the twin tenets of design and trust. With over4000 distinctive products and an industry benchmark NPS score of 0.75, Urban Ladder is opening up new distribution channels to reach out to new customers.

Urban Ladder products are now available on online marketplaces Amazon and Flipkart, and the brand will open up experience centres in the next 3-6 months. “In the past we have feared dilution of brand Urban Ladder on other distribution channels which are not controlled and owned by us. But all the work on distinctive product design and an excellent customer experience will now ensure that the brand experience will be very consistent across different platforms. Today it is easy for our customers to walk into a friend’s home and identify an Urban Ladder product from a distance. That is the level of coherence and consistency we want the brand to have. Our new brand identity and brand purpose will help us achieve that across many new platforms and touchpoints” said Ashish Goel, CEO & Co-founder, Urban Ladder.

Urban Ladder has recreated the brand’s identity with a new logo and tagline – ‘Let’s Create’. It symbolises the process of creating a beautiful home with Urban Ladder, a process of collaborative creation. The brand wants every individual to unleash their creative side, starting with their home to make it unique and personal.  

The new logo depicts the four walls of an empty room. Like a canvas, it’s brimming with possibilities. Orange is the colour of creativity and joy. The blend of bright hues capture the energy and passion that accompanies the act of creation. The logo encourages every individual to bring out the artist in them, hoping to inspire customers to create something new every time they look at the logo.

The new brand identity also reflects the philosophy that will define the brand’s strategy going forward “You’ll see us live this philosophy in many ways. Our new lines of products will reflect the changing sensibilities. We will launch new experiences and technologies that let every individual play designer. Also, a new look and voice that reflects our renewed purpose.” said Sanjay Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Urban Ladder.

The new logo and brand identity has been developed in-house by Urban Ladder’s Creative and Brand Team. 

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