Ode to the Odessa

. June 02, 2017 .

For most of us, our bedroom is our safe haven, the place we finally relax in after a long, strenuous day. Yet, once we’ve plonked down on our comfy beds, we might still be irked by certain (first-world) bedroom woes. Have the below bothered you?

You’re in bed and you want to listen to music before drifting off to sleep. You tiptoe around your room searching for your headphones, hoping you don’t wake up your partner. Don’t you wish you could keep your headphones in the same spot every day?

You’re using your phone in bed..just a little browsing before sleep. You hear the dreaded ‘Battery low’ beep. If only you had a convenient charging spot nearby, without having to let your phone fend for dear life on some narrow surface or on the floor!

Phone charger, laptop charger, earphones, power bank, spectacles, phones - all enmeshed into one giant tangle on your bedside table. Oh, the clutter of it! If only your bedside table was better at helping you organize stuff!

Presenting the Odessa bedside table, our take on efficient bedroom organization! Quite a lot of research has gone into the design of the Odessa. We conducted surveys and sought inputs from people using conventional bedside tables. We realized that a few concerns kept cropping up time and again in these discussions. We decided to fashion a bedside table that solved these common problems.

Charge away

The Odessa has an in-built power socket and USB port with a well-designed wire management system to hide away wires. Say goodbye to clumsy charging arrangements!


The drawer of the Odessa comes with partitions that help organize things better, thus making it easy to find things and prevent jammed drawers.

Choose your configuration

The Odessa can be used either as a wall-mounted or as a freestanding unit. The wall-mounted option makes it easier to clean the floor, besides making your room look more spacious.

With the Odessa, we have catered to the needs of modern home dwellers who care about form and functionality alike. If you like to keep your various gadgets handy while you’re in bed and if you also prefer an uncluttered, airy feel to your bedroom, the Odessa bedside table could be just what you are looking for!

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