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How To Have a Hyggeligt Valentine’s Day

By Urban Ladder .
Guest blogger Rukmini Roy Kadam writes about how to have a hygge-inspired Valentine's Day right at home.

A Pet Parent’s Guide To Setting Up Home

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There are two kinds of pet parents. The uber-liberal ones who allow their four-legged kids on sofas and beds and the super-strict ones who insist vainly that Kitty and Fido must stay off the furniture. Whichever kind you are, we’re sure...

Foolproof ideas to decorate your rented apartment

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Do you sigh over pictures of beautifully decorated homes and tell yourself, “Someday, when I move into my own house…”?

It isn’t just you. A good part of today’s urban population lives in rented spaces, many of which...

How to incorporate the pantone colour of the year 2017 in your home

By Urban Ladder .

Yes, Pantone colour of the year is greenery and what a fresh change from the last two seasons that highlighted a deep Marsala in 2015 and twin shades of Serenity in 2016. Really though, it broke the internet, the day the colour of the year was...

7 Room Arrangement Mistakes To Avoid

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You walk into a room. The furniture is beautiful, so are the accessories. But something’s off, although you can’t put a finger on what.  Nine times out of ten, that iffy factor will be the room layout. Here are 7 rookie room setup...

Trends That Will Dominate 2017

By Urban Ladder .

And 2017 is here! While a whole lot of people blamed 2016 for taking away our worldly heroes, to me however the poor year was very very nice. And I say me because it was great in terms of design! We started with two serene Pantone shades to begin...

Principles of Minimalism

Principles Of Minimalism: Doing More With Less

By Gowri Kishore .
Contrary to what it sounds like or what a superficial web search will tell you, minimalism does not mean giving up everything you have and heading to the mountains. It means creating a beautiful lifestyle and a living space with just the essentials.

10 Party Decor Ideas That Can Be Done in 10 Minutes

By Urban Ladder .
Guest blogger Rukmini Roy shares some super quick ideas to get your home ready for the holidays.

The Essential Guide To Setting Up Your Dining Room

By .
Tips and tricks on how to set-up an inviting, comfortable dining space.

The Urban Ladder Guide to Lighting

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A well-lit home is a thing of beauty. Done right, lighting sets the mood and heightens our enjoyment of space, furniture, art and decor. Good lighting strikes that pitch-perfect note between functional and feel-good, and doesn’t draw too...