Whether you need some friendly advice on furniture or help in picking the perfect piece for your space, we are always just a call away!

We know moving homes is not an easy task; it can be extremely stressful and time consuming. To experience the joy of doing up your new home and some genuine advice, call us. We will help you decide on all that you need for your new home. - Nandini

We understand furniture and the right piece for every space. If you are having trouble visualizing our furniture at home, confused with the dimensions or worried if this piece is what your home needs, give us a call. - Bala

Whether you are unhappy with the look of the product or dissatisfied with the quality, we are just a call away. Calling/emailing us is the fastest mode of communication and be assured we’ll solve your problems at lightning fast speed. - Lima

We are always up for a conversation. Reach out to us for some friendly advice on putting together a perfectly balanced room and we’ll tell you the best we can. - Amrita

Yes there are certain timelines we adhere to, not to make your wait longer but only so that we can deliver your furniture in the best condition after appropriate quality checks. But we do understand that there are certain important occasions where exceptions need to be made. - Alka

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