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  • How can I create an account with you?

    Creating an account with Urban Ladder is easy! All you have to do is sign up with your social logins (Facebook works beautifully!) or your email address. We promise to send you only newsletters that are absolutely gorgeous, keep you informed of your orders or any special offers that might come up.

    Here is how you can get on board

    1. Head on over to the Sign-Up Page.
    2. Enter the details as requested - your email address and choose a password. Or, you can choose to sign up with your Google log-in or Facebook social login.
    3. Voila! You have an account with Urban Ladder now.

    Psst: We sometimes have offered only for those subscribed to our newsletters or those of you who have an account with us

  • How do I track my order from my account?

    Log in to your Urban ladder account and click on the Track Order link on the top left of the website to track your order! Here’s a quick explanation of what each of the tracking statuses means:

    1. Placed - This means that the order has been placed and confirmed.
    2. Ready To Ship - This infers that your order has been checked for quality and is all set to sail to the next station.
    3. Shipped - This means that the order has been dispatched from our fulfillment center and is en route to a delivery center in your city. Once the order has reached the delivery center in your city, you will get a call from our delivery team to schedule the delivery and installation follows.
    4. Out for Delivery - This means that the order is on road en route to your home.
    5. Installation Pending - This means that the order is delivered and the installation team will visit to install the product within 48 hours.
    6. Delivered - This infers that your order is successfully delivered and installed at your place.