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Sale FAQs
  • What if it doesn’t fit my home and I want to choose something else? Can you give it to me at the same price as today (for the other product?)

    In light of present scenario, all cancellations, returns & refunds shall be taken up on a case to case basis. For further queries, please write to us at :

  • Can I return/cancel a decor item if I don’t like it?

    Sorry! We can’t take cancellations or returns of any of our decor products once they are shipped.

  • What if there is a defect in the product on delivery? Will I get the replacement in the same price, or will I have to pay full price?

    Absolutely! If there is a defect in the product on delivery, we take full responsibility. We will send out a replacement for you. No additional charges too.

    Unless you choose a different product (whose price is higher than the previous one), we will request you to pay the difference in price. But if the price is lower, we won’t be able to do a cash back or refund of the difference.

  • I want to exchange my sofa with Gozefo/Quikr. Will I get this at the same price?

    Gozefo/Quikr decides the pricing for the products they pick up. So, we aren’t able to take a call on that.

    Also,This is applicable for Bangalore region ONLY!

  • Do these prices include delivery also?

    Our delivery and installation services come free for serviceable pincodes ONLY! No additional charges for those. We will install it too, for you.

    For more details on shipping and delivery, please refer to the relevant policy.

  • What is the breakup of the tax in this pricing?

    You should see the break up when you get the invoice. Hope that’s okay.

  • Do these prices include GST also?

    Yes, our prices are inclusive of all taxes, including GST.

  • I have a coupon code. Can I use it?

    Yes, Redemption of coupon code is possible.

  • Are there any additional offers apart from the discount?

    Sorry, No additional offers apart from the discount.

  • Where can I see the Terms and conditions associated with the sale?

    Please refer to the *TnC, here.

  • Are you selling Seconds or liquidating all the products?

    Not at all! These are brand new products. Every year, we hold multiple discount sales for our customers and this is part of that. None of the products you will receive are part of the Seconds list. Don’t worry!