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A common feature across hostels, camps, and military accommodations, bunk beds are the multi-storey equivalent of the typical bed. In a bunk bed, a bed with protective guard rails around it is installed on top of a regular bed, and can be accessed using a small ladder. Bunk beds offer double the sleeping area, but occupy only half of that space. By utilising the vertical space which would otherwise be unused, bunker beds save a lot of floor space, and hence are a boon to today’s urban apartments. You can find a lot of designs for bunk beds online – with storage, with a bigger lower bed, with three lofts, with different materials, and more. Once you match their features with your needs, you can decide which one of those bunk beds can be bought. Bunk beds with study table are a great idea for your kids’ bedroom, as they eliminate the need for a separate study area.

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