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Great people. Exciting work. Rare opportunities to explore and grow. Meaningful rewards. A culture that thrives on fun, creativity and independence. No wonder our people are saying, 'Magical careers? Made real @ UL' .

  • Urban Ladder Career Overview 01 What makes your day magical? For starters, you’ll do something new! Our people prefer to blaze a trail, instead of keeping the lights on. That’s because whether it’s sourcing, engineering, design, marketing or customer service, our work is always new, challenging and up-to-the-minute. Read more about Work @ UL.
  • Then, you’ll take to flight, instead of learning to walk Urban Ladder Career Overview 02 We’re an award-winning digital start-up. You’ll learn three times more in one year with us than anyplace else. Read more about Opportunities @ UL.
  • Urban Ladder Career Overview 03 You’ll do all this among friends No ‘workforce’. Just friends. Hop over to the person next to you and ask for help. Chances are you’ll get more than help. You’ll get some great ideas! Read more about People @ UL.
  • And at the end of the day, we’ll make sure you let your hair down! Urban Ladder Career Overview 04 And what better way to do it than with loads of food and some foosball action! We also manage to squeeze in a bit of yoga! Read more about Life @ UL.
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No cookie cutter careers.

Magical Careers begin with great work that doesn't come with boundaries. Here’s what you can expect when you work @ UL.

  • Urban Ladder Workspace 02
  • Online furniture is a brand new space that’s just taking off with a bang. You’ll be the one leaving the rest of the world in awe!
  • Urban Ladder Workspace 03
  • We are always thinking about how we can delight our customers! And they love us for that! See our Customer Stories here.
  • Urban Ladder Workspace 04
  • If you are super detail-oriented, this is the place for you. “Excellence in every small thing we do” is a value we live by.
  • Urban Ladder Workspace 05
  • And we believe in having a strong sense of honesty and ethics in whatever we take up.
  • Urban Ladder Workspace 06

A bit more on the teams that run the show!

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Customer Service Career at Urban Ladder

Customer Service

We believe in creating great user experiences through really strong technology platforms. After one year in business, we migrated the storefront to a completely new platform to improve performance & programmer productivity. We’ve rolled out a Mobile app for our delivery teams to make the process smoother. And oh, we recently launched a Wardrobe app for building customized versions of the Urban Ladder wardrobe!
“Every week in UL is 5 days of adventure and fun. On the professional front UL has given me opportunities to learn various technologies across platforms be it mobile/web. My biggest achievement is programming the entire back-end for an Android app.”

- Amrita Koley, Developer

“It's been fantastic journey so far in UrbanLadder.It is great opportunity to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly. I think UrbanLadder is best path to climb on career ladder. Apart from work I like flexibility and fun @UL”

- Vijay Yadav, Developer

The Wardrobe app is as close to the physical experience of getting custom-built furniture from a carpenter as it can get online. Read more: Behind Urban Ladder’s $21M round: a sneak peek at ‘wardrobe configurator’ at
We’re striving to disrupt the traditional Indian furniture manufacturing ecosystem to create high quality products at scale  by constantly innovating on quality processes and leveraging technology. Over 60% of our products are designed grounds up. Our first filter for product selection is whether we would want to own these products ourselves!
“Love the work culture, product that we’re fair to people, proud that we’re not afraid to experiment, proud that we’re changing things, and proud that while doing all this, we don’t forget to poke fun at each other”

- Rahul Jagannathan, Category Manager

“Looking at some Urban Ladder products at my home, my neighbour said – “Wow! Where did you get such products from ? I wonder who selects these products” – I felt proud thinking “ I’m part of that”

- Sneha Roy, Category Manager

“Great to work with, well coordinated bunch of guys. Very creative, I think they infuse some much needed inspiration to the furniture industry in India”

- Aashir Valia, Director, Furniture Manufacturing Concern

“The Latt Bench is our favourite place to sit & watch Bangalore rains, to do the homework, to sit down and read a book for adults & babies alike at home!.Thank you UL!”

- Padmamanasa, Customer

We hold a high bar for customer experience, and safe and hassle free delivery is one of the most important parts of it. Each product is personally delivered and installed by Urban Ladder’s own logistics team.
“Working in UL Ops team is challenging yet extremely exciting experience. Solving complicated but interesting puzzles with a highly committed and driven team makes this journey all the more fun-filled and desirable.“

- Nilesh, Manager-Operations

“My experience at UL has been exhilarating with loads of fun, travel and challenging assignments, inculcating a sense of pride and nurturing an outgoing spirit in me. The fact that I look forward to go to office daily sums it up all.“

- Anuj Gupta, Intern- Operations

“It is attention to detail that has helped it strike a chord with customers. For instance, when its delivery team makes an installation, they unpack and check the furniture, install it neatly and clean the house. The company has laid down standard operating procedures for loading and unloading.” - Customer “I would especially like to thank Arif, in Pune, who has made delivery, follow-up etc such a pleasure. He's come personally with his team, set up our furniture in the right place, and taken such pride in his work.”

- Customer

“Everyone makes mistakes, but it all comes down to taking responsibility of the same and improve it, I am glad the Urban Ladder teams understands this well and acts accordingly to the customers need, I'm sure with these ethics UL will someday go global.”

- Customer

We are seen as the pioneer of Facebook marketing in the Indian e-commerce space. We were the first to leverage the Facebook newsfeed extensively to reach our audiences. The team takes great pride in its trademark style of banners and communication which is widely appreciated by customers and fans alike. With an eclectic mix of left and right brained folks, the UL marketing team is a fun place to pick up essential marketing skills – both digital and offline.
“Urban Ladder has been a fantastic learning ground for me. Three things that I love about UL - is the culture of experimentation, freedom to make decisions and complete ownership of your initiatives.“

- Nikhil, VP (Marketing)

“It's great to be part of a team that's super-creative and super-analytical in equal parts.“

- Anand, Senior Analyst

“You are one of the biggest success stories on Facebook and the perfect example of how Facebook should be used to build and scale as a marketing channel. Our other clients are always keen to learn how UL gets the maximum out of Facebook.”

- Client Partner, Facebook India

The online furniture company has earlier created brand value and recall with its Facebook advertising. It also uses other digital media such as Google advertising, retargeting and email marketing to reach its customers.
Going the extra mile for our customers is not an exception, but a culture within the Customer Service team and the company as a whole. Be it sending temporary beds in time for a newly married customer who ordered the bed late or to allow the customer to experience a product before paying for it, we believe it is the right thing to do!
“I love the work culture at UL. And within the customer service team. I don’t just come to office to work! I come in to learn new things.“

- Bala, UL Buddy

“Great emphasis on ownership . Lots of freedom to take decisions regarding issues facing customers. I like that we can share new ideas without any reservations.“

- Yukti, UL Buddy

“I conduct customer service training programs and mentioning you guys as an example has become a common norm for me”

- Vaishnavi Viswanathan, A trainer

“Aside from great products, your amazing customer service is what has drawn me back. And a great experience deserves to be shared :-) Thanks for making me super happy.”

- Austin Fernandes, Customer

“There is a story behind a sofa choice, a tale behind choosing the right bed, a good bookshelf or a great lamp. We are lucky to be entrusted with something this precious”

Urban Trivia

Urban Trivia
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We have no 'workforce', just really great people!

Cookie bakers, Analytics Gurus, Compulsive PJ vending machines, Competent quizzers, Social (media) butterflies, Foosball champs, karaoke enthusiasts and fashionistas – we’ve all sorts @ UL.

Our folks come from diverse backgrounds with world class experience.

Work Life at Urban Ladder 13

Take a look at our Linkedin profile to know more about our all-star team!

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Urban Trivia

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Work Life at Urban Ladder 01

The only thing we take more seriously than furniture is fun!

Magical careers are incomplete without those deep debates over coffee and all the playful banter! Here’s a glimpse of Life @ UL.

  • Work Life at Urban Ladder 02
  • We think of fun at work as a way of life! Join us if you like making people laugh - and laugh along with them!
  • Work Life at Urban Ladder 03
  • Food binds us. More than anything else. If you can cook or bake, we like you already. =)
  • Work Life at Urban Ladder 04
  • But we also like to stay fit. There’s yoga, annual health checks and ‘fruit @ four’ every single day!
  • Work Life at Urban Ladder 05
  • And for your weekly dose of adrenaline rush, head to the football field with the boys!
  • Work Life at Urban Ladder 06
  • Work Life at Urban Ladder 07
  • Though @ UL, the real deal is Foosball! The action at the table is proof positive that we are a fast-paced company!
  • Work Life at Urban Ladder 08
  • Some of us like to dance. Some prefer to sing along. But we ALL enjoy being just a little crazy!
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Take a look at the roles we are currently hiring for.

Performance Marketing/Digital Marketing

Location: Bangalore

Experience: 4+ years of experience in Digital Marketing

Company Information

Urban Ladder is a leading omnichannel (Online & Retail) furniture company that aims to provide a curated destination for home solutions, to help the Urban Indian build well-furnished, beautiful homes.

With over 1000 products and 25 categories such as sofas, beds, dining tables, storage shelves, etc. Urban Ladder is India's leading online furniture company. We were awarded the Best Digital Startup in 2012. Our Retail laurels have begun as well - in March 2018, we were awarded Gold for the best storefront design at the prestigious HG VM&RD Awards.

Urban Ladder is backed by top-tier venture capital firms Steadview Capital, SAIF Partners and Kalaari Capital and Sequoia Capital. Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons has also made a personal investment in Urban Ladder.

Primary performance indicators

  • ROI on Marketing Campaigns
  • New Customers Acquired
  • Website / App Conversions
  • Cost of Marketing

Role will include

  • This role would be part of the marketing function, anchoring all paid digital marketing channels, and driving conversions on the website by deeply understanding and analysing user journey
  • Understanding, analysing traffic from different channels of marketing and optimising it in conjunction with the overall business strategy
  • Driving significant ROI improvement basis deep analytics, understanding user journey and capabilities of the channel
  • Improving conversion on the website / app by analysing the entire conversion funnel. Initiatives can fall either in marketing domain or tech domain
  • Creating / vetting dashboards on a day-to-day basis for driving improvement, checking on breakages that might have taken place and rectifying if any

Desired Skills and Functional Experience

  • 4+ years of relevant work experience in digital marketing and analytics
  • Expertise in key channels of digital marketing like Google, Facebook etc. to drive top of the funnel, SEM,
    Remarketing, app downloads campaigns
  • Experience in driving conversions on e-commerce website / app
  • Proficiency with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads Manager, MS Excel, Google Analytics, SQL, Blueshift or other DM tools
  • Omni - channel marketing experience is a plus
  • Ability to thrive in a fast - paced environment, and to manage multiple, competing priorities simultaneously
  • An ideal candidate is one who enjoys discovering and solving complicated problems, can quickly learn complex systems, has deep understanding of digital marketing, and is keen on deep consumer behaviour analytics

Values of UL that will be Key to Excelling in this Role

  • C - Customer Obsession
  • H - Honesty and Transparency
  • A - Action Orientation
  • S - Stepping Up
  • E - Efficiency

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Associate Manager-Content

Location: Bangalore

Experience: 6-9 years

Company Information

Urban Ladder is a leading omni channel (Online & Retail) furniture company that aims to provide a curated destination for home solutions, to help the Urban Indian build well-furnished, beautiful homes.

With over 1000 products and 25 categories such as sofas, beds, dining tables, storage shelves, etc. Urban Ladder is India's leading online furniture company. We were awarded the Best Digital Startup in 2012. Our Retail laurels have begun as well - in March 2018, we were awarded Gold for the best storefront design at the prestigious HG VM&RD Awards.

Urban Ladder is backed by top tier venture capital firms Steadview Capital, SAIF Partners and Kalaari Capital and Sequoia Capital. Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons has also made a personal investment in Urban Ladder.

Urban Ladder has distinguished itself based on design and impeccable service delivery experience and the vision is to extend this excellence in the Retail space

Hello, is it you we're looking for?

It is, if you answer yes to more than four of these questions.

  • Have you been accused of being a grammar nazi?
  • Are you punny?
  • Are you ready to sit down at a computer all day and bleed?
  • Do you recognize who we’ve misquoted above?
  • As you read, are you mentally re-wording this to make it sound better?

We'd love to talk to you.

Job Description

  • Writing. Lots of writing.
    Marketing mailers. Product stories. Banner copy. Landing page content. Campaign stories. Radio spots. Video scripts. Print ads. You get the drift.
  • Working closely with teams across functions to solve business problems through communication. Translating briefs from various teams into effective copy and compelling stories.
  • Mentoring the content team. Reviewing, providing feedback, and editing, as the case may be.
  • Finding ways to make us the most talked-about brand by writing content that begs to be read and executing ideas that beg to be shared.

And all of it in Urban Ladder's unique voice: warm, witty, and delightful.


6-9 years as a writer in an ad agency or a brand with an interesting voice.

PS: If you don't fit the bill to a T, but believe you'd be great for this role, go ahead and send us a killer pitch that will have us peeing in excitement. (Okay, maybe not that much.)

Apply Now

If there are no open requirements that fit your profile but you want to make a difference and be part of an exciting journey, kindly do email us at with a link to your profile/resume as well as a short write-up that really makes us go 'WOW' and call you in for a chat! :)