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Cocktail Glass

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The cocktail glass is a versatile and stylish glass that deserves a place in any well-stocked bar. Typically used for drinks with liquor content, such as martinis and manhattans, the cocktail glass can also be used to serve other types of cocktails. The perfect way to enjoy your cocktail is by serving it in the best cocktail glass—one that is classy, timeless, and elegant. You can even use your stylish collection of cocktail glasses as showstoppers in your well-appointed bar.
Looking for the perfect gift for your favourite cocktail lover? Urban Ladder has a wide selection of cocktail glasses online, from the unusual to the most beautiful glasses. Perfectly shaped and sized, these glassware pieces come in a variety of colours and styles. From cut-crystal glasses to hand-painted wine goblets, Urban Ladder has the perfect glass for every drink and occasion, be it cocktail glasses or quirky sets of mocktail glass.

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