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Dessert Plates

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Desserts are the crowning jewel of any meal, and they should be served with the appropriate fanfare. Add style and sophistication to dinner parties and special family dinners by bringing out elegant dessert plates for each person to enjoy their dessert with.  Set out a selection of sweet treats on these plates, from slices of cake to Indian mithai. The smaller size of the dessert serving plate makes it a great plating option for other food as well, from snacks to be served at tea time to sides that accompany the main dish.
Coming in different designs, colors, and materials, browse through our collection to find the best dessert plates for you. And when you buy dessert plates online at Urban Ladder, you’re not only up to date with the latest designs and color options, but you’re also assured of a seamless shopping experience, right from booking to delivery - all at the click of a button.

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