Our homes reflect our personality, sense of aesthetics, and tastes. It’s easy to find home design inspiration online, in magazines, or in homes we visit. But turning these interior decoration  ideas into reality is the real challenge. This is where Urban Interiors, our interior design service comes in. Work with our team of interior designers to create a beautiful, personalised home!

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The booking amount is redeemable against any Urban Ladder purchase. You will be sent a coupon code on completion of the design consultation.
The booking amount is redeemable against any Urban Ladder purchase. You will be sent a coupon code on completion of the design consultation.

Make It Yours

From studio apartments to 4 bedroom villas, we know that homes are not just a matter of space, but also of family. We spend time understanding your lifestyle, and that of everyone you share your home with. Our recommendations are personalised to you, taking into account how you use your space.
  • Living Room
    Living Room (Starting from ₹51,500)
    Contemporary Indian Classic Wooden Furniture
    For a room that functions as an extension of personal space, the pieces had to be work-, relaxation-, and sleep-friendly. Plus, Laxmi has a strong Indian aesthetic, so we chose contemporary designs with classic silhouettes. The slatted back and open sides of the sofa, the rust-coloured carpet, and light cotton curtains perfectly complement the teak finish. And together, they create an enhanced sense of space.
  • Dining Room
    Dining Room (Starting from ₹29,000)
    Contemporary Indian Classic Wooden Furniture
    For an all-wooden look, we chose an elegant dining set with subtle contemporary details. The angled legs and discrete grooves are mirrored in the matching sideboard. The dining bench keeps the space from looking overly formal, and keeps it warm and inviting. The lovely overhead lamp is hung low, creating a spotlight for the table, while casting a warm glow all around.
  • Master Bedroom
    Master Bedroom (Starting from ₹52,000)
    Contemporary Indian Classic Wooden Furniture
    We wanted the room to be as spacious as possible while still carving out areas for the crib, storage, and other bedroom essentials. The bed anchors the space perfectly, and its chequered headboard adds a lovely visual texture. Discrete nightstands minus bedside lamps create an airier feel. An off-centre ceiling lamp allows Kaustubh to read (or work) in bed. With the addition of a capacious dresser and bookshelf, the bedroom is everything the young parents need.
  • Mother-in-law Bedroom
    Second Bedroom (Starting from ₹40,000)
    Contemporary Indian Classic
    For Laxmi’s mother-in-law, we created a space that allows her to do the two things she enjoys most–sewing and reading. We maximised the space by the window, creating a reading nook and a hobby desk. The sewing corner gets plenty of sunlight so she doesn’t have to strain her eyes. We added a plush, comfortable chair that works as her reading chair, and is ideal for when she has company.
  • Living Room
    Living Room (Starting from ₹51,500)
    Modern Elegant
    We used plenty of white to make the most of the abundant natural light. The plush carpet and cushions create a cosy room that’s crisp, with subtle pops of colour. The sideboard, a modern classic design, completes the space. The high-back sofa is perfect to entertain guests, and also to lounge in. Everything comes together to make the layout  intimate–where they can spend time together or alone.
  • Dining Room
    Dining Room (Starting from ₹29,000)
    Contemporary Warm Elegant
    Since the couple often has friends over, we created a roomy, welcoming dining space. The uncommon design of the table makes a statement, but doesn't compromise on function. It seats up to 6, and is also ideal for when their teenage daughter has friends dropping by for study sessions. The warm wooden tones lend a sense of intimacy to the space, perfect for quiet family dinners.
  • Master Bedroom
    Master Bedroom (Starting from ₹52,000)
    Calm Classic Elegant
    Sohini and Pradeep wanted this to be a haven they could retreat to. We chose a serene blue for the walls and soft greys for the carpet and drapes. The cotton curtains are perfect for the window-filled bedroom. The sleek storage bed adds more room to their wardrobe, allowing them to stow things away, without increasing the furniture count.
  • Daughter Room
    Daughter's Room (Starting from ₹40,000)
    Cosy Chic
    Sohini’s teenage daughter wanted her bedroom to be inviting and chic, without being too grown up. We added a mirror on top of the chest of drawers, giving her a dresser, while enhancing the lovely natural light the room enjoys. The warm caramel finish of the bed adds the right amount of sophistication. The wall art, tumble of cushions, and the carpet help create a cosy nest.

Frequently Asked Questions


    • 1. What are the services included in Urban Ladder’s Interior Design Solutions?
    • We offer personalised design solutions pertaining to furniture and decor. Here’s a quick snapshot of the process: 
      • After you submit a request for a consultation, we will call you to understand your requirements..
      • Post this, we will set up a call between you and our in-house designer. After this call, our designer will create a proposal, so you can see your home as we envision it.  
      • If you find the proposal to your liking, you can either choose to place the order yourself on our website or ask us to place it for you.
      • We also assemble and arrange all the selected furniture and/ or furnishing to your liking.
    • 2. Is there anything your team will not undertake?
    • We are currently unable to extend a comprehensive, everything-included service. This means that we do not offer the following:   
      • Customised wardrobes and kitchens
      • Structural changes to the space
      • Flooring
      • Bathroom decor, design, or fittings
      • False ceilings
      • Custom window treatments
      • Interior/Exterior Painting Service

    • 3. Could I engage your services for only 1 or 2 rooms in my house?
    • Yes. We’d love to help make any part of your home beautiful.
    • 4. What if I already have furniture that I want to use?
    • No problem! We’ll work with any furniture you already have. We’ll make sure that our recommendations take existing furniture into consideration. 
    • 5. What if I like something that you don’t have in your catalogue? Will your team source it or get it made for me?
    • Not at the moment. Currently, we only make recommendations of products available in our website or stores. You’re welcome to choose products and merchandise of your liking outside our catalogue. However, we would not be able to assemble or install these products.
    • 6. How long does it take from Proposal to Completion?
    • That’s up to you. Some of our customers decide quicker than others, while some of them like to take their time. Creating your dream home doesn’t happen in a snap, and we’ll take the time to help shape your ideas to your satisfaction. However, from the time you confirm your order, we take 1-3 weeks to execute the order.
    • 7. All that’s fine, but what if I don’t like the design proposal?
    • We completely understand if you don’t warm up to our designer’s suggestions. You can simply let us know that you don’t want to go ahead with the proposal, and we can part ways, with no hard feelings.



    • 1. How long does it take to deliver everything?
    • That depends on what you opt for in your personalised solution. It takes 21 days to deliver made-to-order sofas and 15 days to deliver other furniture.
    • Product


      Made-to-Order Sofas

      21 days

      Other Furniture

      7 - 15 days

    • 2. Can I stagger the delivery/ installations?
    • Yes, absolutely. We’ll work with you to deliver and / or install sections as it suits you.

Payment & Warranty

    • 1. How much will this service cost?
    • You pay an initial sum of Rs 299 for the consultation, which you can redeem later against any Urban Ladder product. Besides this, you pay for any furniture and decor you choose from our catalogue. There are no other costs attached to this service.
    • 2. How can I redeem the consultation fee?
    • The consultation fee (Rs. 299) is redeemable against any Urban Ladder product or merchandise. Once your consultation is completed, we will email you a code that you can use to redeem the amount.
    • 3. What kind of warranty do you offer on your designs?
    • The warranty period differs from design to design. Please check the product page of the design you like, for specific details on warranty.

Returns & Cancellation

    • 1. What if I don’t like any (or some) of the Urban Ladder products?
    • You can return the product on the spot at the time of delivery.
    • 2. What if I change my mind after the order is delivered?
    • Sorry, we will not be able to process cancellation requests after the order is delivered.

      PLEASE NOTE: Returns and cancellations are subject to each product’s individual policy. Please check with your designer to know more.