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Table Mat

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There is something about table mats that make a dining table look classy and more vibrant. These small pieces of fabric come in handy when setting or elevating the mood at the table. Table mats made of silk, satin or polyester are perfect for special occasions because they add that touch of refinement. Whereas, mats made from natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and bamboo, are charming and practical for daily use. Browse Urban Ladder’s extensive collection of gorgeous table mats online with unique patterns, colourful motifs and alluring textures to beautify your dining table instantly. We even have delicate crochet table mats that are a rare find these days. Whether a handloom lover or a contemporary design aficionado, you’ll find table mat designs that match your vibe. Thanks to these fine mats, tables are also cleaner, safe from spills or damage and look their very best. Go ahead, decorate and delight with these heartfelt table mats.

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